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Year in Review: Top 10 Local Policy Issues and Busiest Local Governments in 2023

Gain insights into 2023's trending local policy issues and busiest local governments in the U.S.

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We know navigating the complex world of local policy discussions can be daunting. This is why we've built this comprehensive report that provides the relevant insights to help you stay informed.

What this report offers:

  • In-depth analysis of key local policy issues that dominated 2023
  • Identification of the busiest local governments throughout the year
  • A comprehensive review of nearly 875,000 meeting minutes and agendas from over 12,000 municipalities
  • Valuable data-driven insights for strategic planning and decision-making

Based on extensive data from Curate's municipal and county government documents, this report spotlights the most important policy topics and active local governments of the past year. This report is not just a compilation of data, but a tool for understanding the dynamics that shape local policies and their impact on communities.

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