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FiscalNote Asia-Pacific

| Get the data, alerts, and intel to minimize risk and find opportunity in global policy
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How it works


    FiscalNote has the most expansive directory of global public policy data on the market, including legislation, regulations, and government official contact information across Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, and South America. Our technology ingests data and automatically delivers alerts to users on key policy developments.

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    Get the information you need to understand potential legislative and regulatory implications on your business and priority issues across key markets.

    Leave the baseline intelligence to us and invest the time you'll save for more strategic work. For more on our Global, EU, and US coverage and expert analysis, visit our additional products: 

    FiscalNote Global | EU Issue Tracker | CQ Federal


    FiscalNote has pioneered the use of technology to empower government professionals, legal teams, investors, and others with the information and tools needed to navigate policy complexity.

    With a premier team of academics, engineers, and software developers specializing in machine learning, natural language processing, economics, and political science, FiscalNote brings you best-in-class technology paired with expert analysis. 

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How It’s Used by Leading Companies

Holistic policy coverage on government activity - across Asia-Pacific and beyond - impacting your organization.

Get the legislative and regulatory intelligence and analysis you need to mitigate risks, identify business opportunities, and spot global trends.

  • Build a digitized, centralized global policy function from scratch. FiscalNote Global provides the most expansive directory of global public policy data on the market, enabling your team to spot trends, identify opportunities, and mitigate risks stemming from policy developments worldwide.

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Ready to see for yourself?

See how our 360-degree approach to managing policy issues can work for you.

FiscalNote & the Financial Services Institute

FSI uses FiscalNote to support the nearly 90 member firms and approximately 30,000 financial advisor members.