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Roll Call's Tom Williams and Mary C. Curtis Win National Headliner Awards for Journalism

Williams Wins for Best Spot News Photography, Curtis Honored for Best Blog

Roll Call's Tom Williams and Mary C. Curtis Win National Headliner Awards for Journalism

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Tuesday, May 24, 2022 – FiscalNote, a leading technology provider of global policy and market intelligence, today congratulated Roll Call’s Tom Williams and Mary C. Curtis for securing top honors at the 88th National Headliner Awards.

Williams won First Place in the Spot News Photography category for his iconic image of U.S. Representatives Jason Crow and Susan Wild taking cover in the House Gallery during the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol. Curtis won First Place for Best Blog.

The 88th National Headliner Awards honor the best journalism in the United States. Founded in 1934 by the Press Club of Atlantic City, the annual contest is one of the oldest and largest in the country which recognizes journalistic merit in the communications industry.

“Mary Curtis' work is insightful and engaging. Her topics - including race, politics, and culture - are more important than ever, at a time when we sorely need informed and reasoned voices to lead the discussion,” said the awards judges.

Commenting on Williams’ award, the judges noted: “Tom Williams captured the personal terror of the Jan. 6 insurrection with the image of Rep. Jason Crow comforting Rep. Susan Wild while they take cover as rioters attempt to break into the House Chamber of the Capitol...”

“Tom and Mary make us proud with their essential work. Tom's longtime work documenting Capitol Hill, and his keen knack of always knowing where to be, consistently give our readers a revealing snapshot of daily life in Congress. That was never more clearly and poignantly demonstrated than on Jan. 6, when Tom captured the searing image of Representatives Crow and Wild and the terror of that day, which will forever be in the history books when future generations learn about what happened. Mary's observations and commentary provide needed context and humanity to politics. She goes beyond the wins and losses of campaigns and policy, and heads straight to the heart of the matter: how it affects people, and how it fits into our shared history and culture. We're lucky to have such fine journalists in our corner at Roll Call,” said Jason Dick, Editor-in-Chief for CQ and Roll Call.

Williams’ previous honors include: the Award of Excellence from the White House News Photographers Association (WHNPA), and the Political Photo of the Year award in the White House News Photographers Association’s 2019 Eyes of History contest.

Curtis’ numerous prior honors include: two Clarion Awards from the Association for Women in Communications; National Headliner awards; Society of Professional Journalists Dateline awards; three first-place awards from the National Association of Black Journalists; and, the Thomas Wolfe Award.

Williams’ award-winning photo can be viewed here. All of Curtis’ columns in Roll Call can be accessed here.

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