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How ‘Stressed’ Will the Two Presidential Candidates Be During the First Debate of 2024?

FiscalNote’s Roll Call and StressLens to Decode the Human Element for both Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s Debate Performances Tonight

Roll Call’s Editor-in-Chief and Political Analyst Jason Dick Available to Decipher Results of AI Screening of Both Candidates’ Debate Performance

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Thursday, June 27, 2024 – FiscalNote Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: NOTE) ("FiscalNote"), a leading AI-driven enterprise SaaS technology provider of policy and global intelligence, today announced that - as part of its optimized and expanded Roll Call platform - it is providing enhanced debate coverage - including near real-time transcription and AI analysis via FiscalNote’s proprietary, patent-pending AI Agent, StressLens.

AI Analysis via StressLens in near-real time: StressLens has voice profiles of both candidates and measures microtremors and other unconscious factors, built on thousands of hours of audio and video. When candidates may not mean what they say or speak with more discomfort—conscious or unconscious—the stronger the signals, as detected by StressLens.

Human Analysis: Roll Call’s award-winning editorial team to provide context and analysis alongside AI-powered StressLens technology.

  • Coverage of Presidents Biden and Trump. In addition to canonical records of all of President Biden’s statements (, former President Trump is now 100% fully covered on all public events (, including press gaggles, press conferences, and public rallies since he left office - including more than 100 hours of interviews.

  • AI-Powered StressLens Analysis. FiscalNote’s newly launched AI Agent StressLens now provides users with a unique, nonpartisan overlay of AI-driven analysis for Biden and Trump statements, which will be constantly updated, allowing for side-by-side comparative views of their remarks to decode and decipher the human element in their spoken words during debates and on the campaign trail. FiscalNote’s StressLens uses proprietary, patent-pending AI technology to reach beyond traditional data analysis by intricately deciphering, decrypting, and decoding the human element behind political, business, and government communications and decisions - offering a deeper, unique layer and greatly expanded set of unstructured data that enables sharpened insights into motivations, sentiments, and intentions.

  • Jason Dick, Roll Call’s Editor-in-Chief and Political Analyst, is available for media interviews before, during, or after tonight’s Presidential debate takes place to discuss FiscalNote’s StressLens data and results. To book an interview with Mr. Dick, please use the media contact information below.

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