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FiscalNote Unveils "ESG Solutions"

FiscalNote ESG Solutions Provides Cutting-Edge AI-Powered Technology - Combined With Global Advisory Services, Essential News & Analysis, and Community/Peer Insights - to Equip Organizations to Become Sustainability Leaders

FiscalNote ESG Solutions is a Complete ESG360ᵀᴹ Platform and Advisory Service to Organize and Manage Carbon and Climate, Plus All Things ESG - Resulting in Efficient Workflows, Auditable Reporting and Disclosures, and the Proactive Management of Global Risk and Opportunity

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Thursday, July 21, 2022 - At a time when organizations around the world are facing increased internal and external pressure to meet environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) targets, standards, and requirements, FiscalNote - a leading AI-driven enterprise SaaS company that delivers legal and regulatory data and insights - today unveiled “FiscalNote ESG Solutions”, a suite of technology-driven services, data, advisory, and community to help guide and empower customers to manage their ESG goals, risks, and opportunities.

FiscalNote ESG Solutions is a holistic, multi-dimensional suite, which brings together critical ESG assets, tools, products, and services to super-serve every organization’s ESG needs at every stage of their ESG journey. Its broad and impactful combination of essential ESG tools and workflows includes:

  • AI-powered Platform: Helps organizations streamline and unify carbon, climate and ESG data management across their operations, supply chain, and portfolio. Clients are able to build audit-ready ESG reports, benchmark against peers in real time, and carry out goal-setting exercises on a central platform. Customers are on-track to reduce time spent on ESG data collection and management by over 50%.

  • Global ESG Advisory Services: Comprises seasoned Climate and ESG strategists who are equipped to help improve ESG awareness for customers while providing mission-critical intelligence and advising on strategies, operations, policies, and investments. These advisory services cover a wide range of topics and thought leadership - such as materiality assessments, path to achieving net-zero goals, integration of social goals into environmental initiatives, calculating the ROI on ESG efforts, and more.

  • Essential ESG Intelligence: Encompasses news, research, and analysis, including the flagship monthly ESG Landscape Monitor report and tailored briefings. This differentiated intelligence enables organizations to leverage the expertise of editorial staff, in-house analysts, and policy specialists from a portfolio of market-leading brands all under one roof - to help them understand evolving ESG issues and policies from around the globe in real time.

  • Community & Peer ESG Insights and Best Practices: Provides unbiased peer insights through a confidential, vendor-free membership community to quickly make informed strategic decisions on ESG standards, climate regulations, philanthropy and volunteerism, communicating impact, and more.

Even as the focus on ESG increases every day, organizations struggle to set and meet their sustainability targets because they can’t find the right tech stack, guidance, or insights. Through FiscalNote ESG Solutions’ hybrid approach to tackling ESG challenges, global organizations such as Dole, VIZIO, Califia Farms, T-Mobile, PayPal, and Conagra Brands are already enhancing and transforming their strategies and embedding ESG into the DNA of their business operations.

FiscalNote today also announced it will be expanding FiscalNote ESG Solutions to the critical APAC marketplace, expanding its global footprint with simultaneous debuts in both Singapore and Australia.

“At FiscalNote, our mission is to empower organizations with mission-critical insights and the tools to turn them into action, which has become critically important for companies and organizations looking to stay ahead of the evolving ESG landscape. With the launch of the FiscalNote ESG Solutions, we aim to help companies succeed in their ESG goals by empowering them across each stage of their ESG journeys. We are excited not only about the business potential for FiscalNote ESG Solutions in a rapidly emerging and regulated market, but in the opportunity to enable companies to drive real, measurable, and value-led ESG impact to their business and to the larger global community,” said Gerald Yao, FiscalNote’s Co-founder and Global Head of ESG.

“In a global ESG marketplace that has only become more complex through shareholder activism, increased regulatory and legislative activity, and a desire by organizations to meet internal and external sustainability standards, FiscalNote ESG Solutions uniquely combines AI technology, data, and expert and peer insights to help customers stay ahead of rapidly evolving political, corporate, and regulatory requirements,” said Josh Resnik, President & COO, FiscalNote. “FiscalNote’s combined portfolio of existing and newly acquired solutions – a direct result of our innovative product development and our aggressive, acquisitive strategy – continues to pay dividends for our customers.”

About FiscalNote ESG Solutions

FiscalNote ESG Solutions is the most comprehensive ESG platform and advisory solution in the market helping organizations become sustainability leaders – from getting started with strategic insights, benchmarking, and reporting to embedding ESG into an organization’s DNA. FiscalNote ESG Solutions brings together Equilibrium’s AI-powered platform, award-winning analysis, global advisory, and a peer community to help an organization achieve its ESG goals. Visit:

About FiscalNote

FiscalNote is a leading technology provider of global policy and market intelligence. By uniquely combining AI technology, actionable data, and expert and peer insights, FiscalNote empowers customers to manage policy, address regulatory developments, and mitigate global risk. Since 2013, FiscalNote has pioneered technology that delivers mission-critical insights and the tools to turn them into action. Home to CQ, Equilibrium, FrontierView, Oxford Analytica, VoterVoice, and many other industry-leading brands, FiscalNote serves more than 5,000 customers worldwide with global offices in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. To learn more about FiscalNote and its family of brands, visit and follow @FiscalNote.

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