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FiscalNote Launches New Fintech Coverage in Partnership with Leading Industry Expert

Exclusive analysis of unreleased EU regulatory reports kicks off reporting on policy implications of cryptocurrency, blockchain and more

WASHINGTON, D.C., Jan. 8, 2019 – FiscalNote, a technology and media company providing information services and software that connect the world to their governments, today announced a partnership with Georgetown Law Professor Chris Brummer to launch new coverage of fintech and its implications. The coverage begins with today’s release of Brummer’s exclusive analysis of the worldwide implications of crypto asset regulation in light of anticipated reports by two leading European Union financial regulatory authorities that are expected to be issued this week.

Brummer’s exclusive analysis of the new regulatory reports, published first in CQ, covers an imminent push by regulators to begin harmonizing crypto asset regulation in the EU, as well as move towards a bespoke, independent treatment of crypto assets. The efforts could have global reverberations for U.S. investors and market participants, according to Brummer, as well as make the region a more competitive locale for crypto asset transactions.

An expert in global technology, finance, and governance, Brummer will be a leading voice in providing in-depth analysis on the implications of this regulation, alongside veteran CQ journalists. Coverage will span FiscalNote’s media assets, including CQ and Roll Call, and will include new video and podcast content, beginning with a podcast being released tonight that highlights Brummer’s analysis of these important regulatory developments.

“Businesses, consumers, regulators and lawmakers need expert insights in order to better evaluate the implications of fintech developments and related policy decisions,” said Josh Resnik, Chief Content Officer and SVP/Publisher, FiscalNote. “We are excited to add Chris Brummer’s expertise to our leading policy coverage in order to provide the best possible guidance for our readers and subscribers.”

Brummer, Faculty Director of Georgetown’s Institute of International Economic Law, routinely participates in global regulatory dialogues, and has testified before US and EU legislative bodies. He was twice nominated by President Obama to serve as a Commissioner on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

This launch of this company’s latest coverage vertical comes following the strategic hire of Josh Resnik, Chief Content Officer, brought in to guide its strategy for producing, distributing, and monetizing content, including serving as SVP/Publisher of CQ and Roll Call, as well as leading all content licensing and distribution partnerships. FiscalNote acquired CQ Roll Call in August

for $180 million, combining the strengths of complementary businesses and infusing CQ Roll Call’s award-winning journalism and content with FiscalNote’s proprietary technology.

For more information on FiscalNote, you can visit the website here.

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