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FiscalNote Launches ‘Fireside State’ To Enhance Excellence In Constituent Relationship Management For State And Local Government Leaders And Agencies

Fireside State’s Industry-Leading, All-In-One SaaS Platform Seamlessly Integrates Multiple Tools into a Single Interface to Optimize the Quality, Effectiveness and Speed of Constituent Relations

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Monday, January 24, 2022 - As state legislatures reconvene, the redistricting process alters political boundaries, and lawmakers and staff face an unprecedented surge of inbound communications and casework, Fireside - a wholly-owned subsidiary of FiscalNote - today announces the launch of Fireside State, the industry-leading, all-in-one constituent relationship management (CRM) SaaS platform specifically designed for lawmakers and staff at the State and Local levels of government.

“Fireside State is a much-anticipated next-stage development of our successful, industry-leading Fireside Federal product, currently serving the U.S. Congress,” said Josh Billigmeier, Co-founder of Fireside and Managing Director of Constituent Services at FiscalNote. “Given the increasing challenges and complexities of managing constituent communications and services at the state and local levels by lawmakers and staff, Fireside State’s intuitive, fully-integrated platform empowers responsiveness and accelerates solutions, allowing for a grassroots shift to take place from reactive constituent management to proactive community engagement.”

Currently, state and local lawmakers and their staff are ill-served by technology to meet expanding casework needs and are overburdened by an increased volume of cross-channel communications from constituents, often using outdated patchworks of multiple tools to address and resolve citizen concerns. At the same time, state and local offices continue to be challenged by budget, time, and staff constraints, as well as a remote-work environment.

With no comparable all-in-one, fully integrated constituent management platform in the marketplace, the cloud-based Fireside State solution fills a void in existing constituent services through an intuitive interface that centralizes, streamlines, tracks, and manages all inbound and outbound communications and casework, thereby allowing lawmakers and staff to refocus on prioritizing a more comprehensive constituent experience and proactive community engagement approach.

On a single, easily navigable web-based platform, Fireside State provides: comprehensive CRM (including casework templates, reminders, and form letters); full inbound/outbound mail management; newsletter outreach tools; phone and video connectivity for live engagements (including virtual Town Halls); constituent information and validation (matching residents to districts); audience segmentation and targeting; online constituent survey capabilities; web-accessible contact forms; and, user collaboration tools, file storage, and a built-in Help Center.

Fireside State fully verticalizes constituent management and relationship-building, with applicability to tens of thousands of government bodies such as state legislatures, state agencies, county boards and government, city councils and government, mayoral offices, special districts, and large public school systems - which in particular have seen a recent transformation in the volume and variety of inbound communications from citizens. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2017 Census of Governments, there are almost 90,000 different state and local government and special district entities across the country.

The state, local, and education procurement sector - known as SLED - is a sizable market opportunity for Fireside State. According to Deltek’s 2021 SLED Government Contracting Forecast, the SLED market for technology and telecom spending is $28 billion. In addition, the Center for Technology & Texas Tech Consortium recently published a report which noted that ‘citizen engagement and experience’ was one of the top priorities for CIOs at the county and city levels of government.

“By helping to enhance lawmaker-constituent communications, optimize casework resolution, and integrate workflows, the all-in-one Fireside State solution provides a timely and vital suite of tools to help make local and state governments function better, respond faster, and save precious staff time and resources,” said Krystal Putman-Garcia, Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager of Advocacy at FiscalNote. “In doing so, Fireside State can be a catalyst to help restore confidence and trust between our leaders and the people they serve - from the legislature to the state agency to the city councils and school systems around the country.”

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About Fireside 

Fireside is the premier all-in-one constituent relationship management (CRM) platform built for Federal, State, and Local governments. Our automated mailroom, relational database, mobile-ready newsletters, and casework hub are fully and seamlessly integrated, so all tools are accessible in a single, comprehensive platform designed to strengthen the ties between citizens and their government. Fireside’s efficient and collaborative platform empowers our customers to focus on what matters most — building stronger, more proactive relationships with constituents. Fireside was acquired by FiscalNote in May 2021.

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