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FiscalNote Launches ‘Dynamic Dashboard’ in Expansion of its AI-Powered Risk Connector

Quick-View, Web-Based Application Enables Broad Range of C-Suite Decision-Makers to Locate, Assess, and Take Action on Their Most Critical Operational, Reputational and Supply Chain Enterprise Risks

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Tuesday, September 12, 2023 – FiscalNote Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: NOTE) ("FiscalNote"), a leading AI-driven technology provider of policy and global intelligence, today unveiled an enhancement and expansion of its recently-introduced FiscalNote Risk Connector product. The new capabilities supplement the expansive data feeds and sophisticated risk models already offered by Risk Connector, now providing C-suite and senior leaders at all levels of an organization with a dashboard through which they can directly access high-level, quick-view summarizations of operational and supply chain risks — showcasing risk vectors by industry, geography, and category.

The new dashboard will be unveiled by FiscalNote today at the 2023 Global Security Exchange (GSX) Conference in Dallas, Texas.

FiscalNote Risk Connector delivers the power of data and AI capabilities to equip large enterprises in the private and public sectors to anticipate, understand, quantify, and track risks emanating from their operations and full web of relationships – including not only their supply chains, but also customers, investors, partners, and any other vectors through which a risk could materialize. Equipped with these insights — updated every 15 minutes and covering reputational issues, legal matters, financial risk, regulatory changes, emerging competitors, data privacy breaches and more — enterprises can rapidly determine whether doing business with a specific company or individual might lead to unnecessary risk or compliance challenges due to undeclared relationships, front companies, or other risk-related behavior — including third-, fourth-, and fifth-party relationships. Currently, FiscalNote Risk Connector feeds its extensive data and advanced risk analysis to supply chain and enterprise risk teams through APIs and hosted data sharing platforms. All data is automatically processed and tagged, while retaining complete auditability back to source documents in which the events and relationships are discovered.

Using FiscalNote Risk Connector’s new, dynamic dashboard, customers at all levels across their organization also will be able to see, at-a-glance, critical events impacting their suppliers, filtered by industry, geography, and tier of their supply chain. With this new enhancement of FiscalNote Risk Connector, senior level leaders and executives can get immediate answers to pressing concerns about their supply chain and global risk footprint the moment they arise via an easy-to-use web interface, ensuring they are always well informed and empowering them to better collaborate with their teams in focusing attention on the issues most critical to their organization.

“Global enterprises currently using FiscalNote Risk Connector are actively leveraging its benefits by connecting directly to risk-related datasets through APIs and hosted data sharing platforms, and we are excited to now expand the platform’s capabilities to make the data, alerts, and insights more accessible to C-suite level decision makers,” said Josh Resnik, President and Chief Operating Officer, FiscalNote. “By expanding and enhancing our offerings, customers can now take advantage of a more versatile and hands-on approach to risk detection and mitigation — sophisticated in-house data teams can access data directly and incorporate it into their models, while senior decision makers and enterprises who don’t currently operate their own models can now access it via the FiscalNote Risk Connector dynamic dashboard. Today’s announcement serves as yet another proof-point that FiscalNote continues to innovate and accelerate the pace of product enhancements and new product development, especially through AI-powered solutions to help discover, monitor, and address the most pressing risks, threats, and challenges facing the world’s decision makers.”

To learn more, please visit the FiscalNote Risk Connector webpage here.

About FiscalNote

(NYSE: NOTE) is a leader in policy and global intelligence. By uniquely combining data, technology, and insights, FiscalNote empowers customers to manage political and business risk. Since 2013, FiscalNote has pioneered technology that delivers critical insights and the tools to turn them into action. Home to CQ, FrontierView, Oxford Analytica, VoterVoice, and many other industry-leading brands, FiscalNote serves approximately 5,000 customers worldwide with global offices in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. To learn more about FiscalNote and its family of brands, visit and follow @FiscalNote.


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