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Press Release Provides Data-Driven Analysis of President’s State of the Union Speech in Real-Time, Part of FiscalNote, Provides Access to Every State of the Union Address Since George Washington in 1790

As Ukraine Crisis Looms, Analysis Shows Only Five Prior Presidential State of the Union Addresses Mention Russia or the former USSR More than 10 Times

Harry Truman Spent 25% of 1951 Address Discussing the Soviet Union; Ukraine’s First Mention in a State of the Union was by President Clinton in 1994

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Tuesday, March 1, 2022 – Since the early days of the Republic, every U.S. President has been Constitutionally obligated to deliver a “State of the Union” message or speech to the U.S. Congress, opening with the words “Mr. Speaker, Mr. President…” (and since 2021, “Madam Speaker, Madam Vice President…). Tonight, President Biden will deliver his message to Congress and the nation, and - a part of FiscalNote - is providing a live transcript of the State of the Union speech, in real time, paired with video coverage and data-driven, non-partisan analysis.

During and after tonight’s State of the Union address - in addition to FiscalNote’s comprehensive coverage through Roll Call, CQ, and more -’s transparency engine will be looking for deviations in past speech behaviors for comparison purposes, while also charting and highlighting those moments. FiscalNote’s AI has a database of Joe Biden based on 50 years of his statements as a U.S. Senator, Vice President, candidate, and now as President, which allows monitoring and analysis for evolutions and changes in policy and positions.

As part of FiscalNote’s historical database through, all 250 State of the Union speeches and written messages are provided since 1790, covering 2,072,057 words, with video or audio for 76 addresses dating back to 1936 (that’s 62 hours, 50 minutes and 42 seconds to be exact). This includes statement-by-statement sentiment, vocabulary modeling, and other analyses dating back to our first President, George Washington. Clicking within any historical State of the Union transcript jumps right to the appropriate section and analysis within the video.

As the crisis in the Ukraine unfolds,’s analysis reveals only five previous State of the Union addresses mentioned Russia or the Soviet Union greater than 10 times. Of the two speeches delivered verbally, Harry Truman spent 24.77 percent (7 minutes, 34 seconds) of his 1951 State of the Union on the Soviet Union at the onset of the Cold War, while in 1980 Jimmy Carter spent 15.99 percent (5 minutes, 8 seconds) of his speech on the Soviet Union - only weeks after its invasion of Afghanistan.

In addition to the data-driven analysis from, FiscalNote will provide more comprehensive, non-partisan coverage of the address. 

CQ Roll Call will analyze President Biden’s proposals for the economy, climate change, health care, and more. Journalists have also been framing the President’s speech against the findings of CQ Roll Call’s distinctive analysis of votes cast last year in Congress, in terms of presidential support and party unity. President Biden’s first State of the Union comes as the Senate delivered for him a 96.5 percent success rate on nominations and legislation in which he took a position, the CQ Roll Call analysis found - the third-highest success rate in the 67 years the news organization has analyzed presidential support votes in Congress.

FrontierView and Oxford Analytica will provide clients with in-depth analysis of the political and economic implications stemming from the event. For further insights, news, reaction, and analysis of tonight’s State of the Union address, the Ukraine crisis, and additional global issues, visit Roll Call, Oxford Analytica, and FrontierView.

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