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Track, Find, and Report in Minutes with FiscalNote

by Content Team, FiscalNote

The all-in-one issues management platform

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In order to work from home effectively, organizations around the globe are finding and utilizing data, managing stakeholders and advocating for their issues. 

FiscalNote was built for this moment. Our core value is in bringing you the right policy information at the right time, so you can better navigate risk and maximize new opportunities in this uncertain time. 

It’s never been more important for you to stay on top of the policy issues that cause you the greatest concern. Here’s how we help 4,000+ clients around the world track, find, and report on what matters most.

Be Your Organization’s Super Sleuth on the Issues that Matter

FiscalNote’s comprehensive data allows users to monitor and track legislation and regulation at the US State, Federal, International level.  

U.S. Federal

Discover legislative information in Congress, including bills, committees, hearings, CRS reports, voting records, and more. Find bills from 28+ years of legislative data, and identify differences across bill versions. Plan your response with likely outcomes for every bill and individual vote breakdowns via the Virtual Whipboard. 

U.S. States

Monitor legislative information from all 50 states and DC, including bills, research reports, committees, hearings, voting records, and more. Access FiscalNote’s powerful search function with an archive of 20 years of legislative data and over 1.4 million bills. Leverage custom reports and pre-built dashboards to demonstrate your team’s value.


Tracking ordinances for thousands of municipalities can be a challenge. Our professional services local government tracking offering allows you to easily track local laws, resolutions, speeches, hearings, and more for any city or county with a population over 50,000.


Tap into the largest set of legislative and regulatory data from over 20 countries around the world. Discover policy documentation, contact information, and trends in national governments from countries around the world. Prioritize and coordinate messaging, documents, and tasks on issues across your global offices. 

“The convenience of having everything in a single platform is a huge plus. Whether it’s issue development or a directory of legislators and officials, or tools for collaboration, it’s all there."

Justin Wiley, Vice President of Government Relations
International Code Council

Monitor Everything Remotely — So You Never Miss a Thing!

So you found what you were looking for. Now what? With FiscalNote’s simple-to-use discovery alerts, you can track any movement on the data you’re watching and get a heads up as soon as something happens. With our customized alerts, you can choose the specific events that you want to hear about when they occur or change. Choose when you’d like to receive alerts and how often. The best part is you’ll be the first to know and you’ll never miss your window of opportunity to act. 

“The timeliness of the FiscalNote Platform is amazing. We love the alerts, and with a click of a button we can access the PDF of a bill and information on the bill sponsor.”

Dorothy Sauvinet, Governmental Affairs Advisor
Southwest Airlines

Influence and Engage Your Stakeholders While Working Remotely

FiscalNote’s Core Platform makes it easy to manage the stakeholders who matter most to your biggest issues. Build a network of relationships that can open the right doors on critical issues by gaining access to the largest set of people data available on the market, with information on over 100,000+ lawmakers and their high-level staff at the state and federal level. Our stakeholder profiles include all relevant information around each individual, making it easy for you to engage and associate them with their positions on key issues. Take it a step further by recording and storing all interactions, events, and meetings with stakeholders. Be more productive by associating actions and notes to every contact.

Show Your Team’s Value and ROI

A big part of your job is putting together informed, up-to-date briefings or reports that are likely to get shared around your organization. Our recent State of Public Affairs Survey found that 57 percent of you have to create reports or briefs for internal stakeholders on a weekly or monthly basis. 

Now, more than ever, you need to prove that the work you and your team accomplish is essential to your company. With FiscalNote, you can easily demonstrate your impact with a record of the actions you took to drive outcomes. Quickly export reports on the issue updates that impact your organization and save hours of administrative time.

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