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How to Foster Great Relationships With Congressional Staffers

by Joshua Habursky, Deputy executive director and chief lobbyist, Premium Cigar Association (PCA)

Pet peeves from staffers you should avoid & practical tips to help strengthen relationships.

Lobbyist communication best practices

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As we enter the last quarter of 2023, it might seem like the window of opportunity to accomplish legislative and advocacy priorities successfully is closing quickly. Nonetheless, government affairs and advocacy professionals have a chance to secure some big wins before the end of the year if they can tackle a tough political environment and seek elusive legislative packages. 

In the dynamic world of advocacy and lobbying, establishing and nurturing relationships with members and staffers is paramount for achieving year-end success. This infographic explores common pet peeves among staffers when communicating with lobbyists, and how to avoid them to build solid relationships and push your issues across the finish line. 

BONUS: 3 Best Practices to Follow in Q4

  • Use recess periods to catch up and prepare for the next session
  • Be proactive in setting objectives, goals, and meetings
  • Build a network across different issue areas

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