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Why ChatGPT Doesn’t Cut it for Government Affairs & Policy Pros

Five challenges of using generic AI tools for government affairs and how to solve them.

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Navigating the intricate web of public policy, regulation, and political obstacles is no easy feat for government affairs teams. Keeping track of proposed and existing legislation, engaging with government officials, lobbyists, and other stakeholders, and advising internal teams on policy implications are all part of your daily grind. The sheer volume of information, coupled with the need for accuracy and timely insights, makes this job incredibly challenging.

This is where AI can become an incredibly powerful tool for government affairs and advocacy teams. But not just any generic tool will do. You need something that speaks your language, understands your workflows, and most importantly is reliable and based on factual information. After all, an AI tool only helps you save time if you know you can trust the outputs.

Read on to learn how FiscalNote Copilot for Policy can help you overcome the most common challenges for government affairs professionals and go from learning about bills to briefing your organization on why they matter, faster than ever before.

Challenge: Keeping Up With Ever-Changing Legislation

The volume of legislation coming from the state and federal levels is gargantuan. The first six months of 2024 saw more than 90,000 bills introduced at the state and federal levels in the United States. Keeping up with different versions and language changes, understanding their implications, and determining which bills present risks or opportunities for your organization is nothing short of overwhelming.

Solution: Copilot for Policy is built to provide real-time, verified data from current legislative sessions. Unlike generalist AI like ChatGPT, which may provide outdated or irrelevant information, FiscalNote’s tool uses only verified documents, ensuring you are always working with the most current and reliable information.

Try out FiscalNote Copilot for Policy for free!

Challenge: Leveraging Reliable Sources You Can Trust

In an age of information overload, distinguishing between reliable and unreliable sources is crucial. General tools like ChatGPT pull information from a vast array of unvetted sources on the internet, which can include biased content or misinformation.

Solution: Copilot for Policy only leverages verified state and federal legislative data sources and documents. This means you can be confident that the responses are based on trusted, vetted information available in the FiscalNote app. Unlike generalist tools, FiscalNote’s AI does not pull data from random sources from the broader internet, ensuring that only the official government documents are used in the response you are provided. This is paramount so you know you can base your strategies and actions on trustworthy data.

Challenge: Time-Consuming Bill Analysis

Reading and really understanding entire bills to extract key details is nearly impossible given the sheer volume (90,000+ bills in H1 2024!). Sifting through dense legislative text to find relevant information is definitely not the best use of your time.

Solution: Copilot for Policy gives you an intuitive chatting interface where you can ask specific questions about a bill and receive detailed answers instantly. Something a tool like ChatGPT can’t do without a lot of prompt engineering (meaning more time spent). FiscalNote Copilot for Policy is always at the ready to help you reduce the time it takes to understand complex legislative documents, enabling you to focus on strategic decision-making.

Challenge: Efficiently Sharing Insights Within Your Organization

Once you’ve gathered legislative insights, the next challenge is digesting all this information and effectively sharing it with your stakeholders in a way that is engaging and speaks their language. This involves creating detailed reports, which — you guessed it — is also a time-consuming process.

Solution: With the “Edit as Report” feature, the FiscalNote Copilot for Policy allows you to easily convert AI-generated responses into shareable reports. Tools like ChatGPT would only allow you to copy generic answers into a separate document and then spend a lot of time re-writing and fact-checking to get this ready to be shared. With Copilot for Policy you can revise the copy and update the format all within the tool, and then quickly distribute the insights throughout your organization, enhancing internal communication and decision-making processes.

Challenge: Managing Multiple Legislative Inquiries

Government affairs teams often juggle multiple inquiries and projects simultaneously. Keeping track of all these interactions can be cumbersome.

Solution: The FiscalNote Copilot for Policy logs every interaction, allowing you to rename and delete chats for easy reference. This feature ensures you can manage your legislative inquiries efficiently, come back to them for additional questions, and stay organized.

Side-by-Side Comparison: FiscalNote Copilot for Policy versus ChatGPT

To illustrate the difference in capabilities, let’s compare responses to a specific legislative query from both ChatGPT and the FiscalNote Copilot for Policy.

FiscalNote Copilot for Policy versus ChatGPT

Most models and subscriptions to ChatGPT are not inclusive of current data and include the entire internet as the data source they’re built on. In the example above, ChatGPT is pulling outdated information from a previous session. FiscalNote Copilot for Policy is completely up to date, including legislative data from current sessions and listing out the sponsors, recent actions, votes, etc — the level of detail you need to act. It only uses verified federal and state legislative documents as sources for generating responses. Sources you know and trust.

Responses from Copilot for Policy are more detailed, specific, and trustworthy, making it far more efficient and valuable for government affairs professionals.

A True AI Assistant for Government Affairs & Advocacy

Government affairs teams face particular challenges that readily available tools can’t fully solve. The FiscalNote Copilot for Policy offers a robust solution tailored specifically to your needs. From real-time, verified legislative data to efficient report generation and easy management of inquiries, this tool is designed to streamline your workflow and enhance your strategic capabilities.

Be among the first to experience the FiscalNote Copilot for Policy by signing up for the open beta. Transform your legislative insights from bill alerts to comprehensive briefings in minutes, and empower your organization with the clarity and precision it needs to navigate the complex world of public policy.

Try out FiscalNote Copilot for Policy for free!

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