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8 Ways FiscalNote Cuts Through the Noise

by Content Team, FiscalNote

Here are 8 ways that FiscalNote will help you cut through the noise, save time, and lead on the public policy issues that matter most to your industry.

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Whatever type of government relations or policy work you do, chances are you need to be in ten places at once. Being effective at your job means scouring hundreds of bills in various stages of development and updating stakeholders with razor-sharp briefs or reports.

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging across the states and world, the bottom line is you don’t have a minute to spare. You can’t afford to sift through hundreds of emails about bills that have no relevance. You need to know what’s important to your issues and be able to digest it into bite-sized pieces to re-message to the people who matter. 

Here are 8 ways that FiscalNote will help you cut through the noise, save time, and lead on the public policy issues that matter most to your industry.

Never Miss a Bill:

Many bill trackers provide email alerts around the public policy issues that you’re following to help you stay aware of what is going on across your industry. With the major shifts that have occurred due to COVID-19, this reactive strategy is not enough. 

FiscalNote’s state, federal, and local monitoring services provide you the most up-to-date information around the legislation and regulations that you need to monitor and engage with. By creating and curating highly-tailored and refined search terms, you’ll be able to only see the relevant information necessary to your work, and not be inundated with useless information. 

FiscalNote’s tracking and monitoring capabilities go deeper than a standard bill tracker as teams are able to aggregate historical information to understand trends and anticipate change.

Keep Everything in One Place:

The number of spreadsheets, emails, and documents that a government and public affairs professional needs to keep track of is a daunting task even for the most seasoned practitioners. 

With FiscalNote you’ll be able to combine documents, reports, news, and any other data from any of FiscalNote’s product suite, as well as your own research in one shared folder on the platform. FiscalNote allows teams to analyze all of the most important data related to their issues and save time by not having to spend days sifting through hundreds of documents to do it. 

Stay Mobile, Stay Active:

Government and public affairs is a 24/7 job and increasingly under more scrutiny due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  

FiscalNote’s iOS and Android mobile app bring all your alerts, the latest Congressional news, and the documents you need to the palm of your hand. You’ll be up-to-date no matter where you are.

Impress your boss or team by being the first in the room to know everything that happens, as it happens, and craft your response before your competitors are even aware something’s breaking. 

Report Up, Down, and Across Your Organization:

Something lacking in many government affairs departments is effective, business style reporting. 

FiscalNote can help you understand your wins, losses, efficiency, and overall impact, which will not only help you and your team be more effective, but also show other internal stakeholders the value of your efforts.

With FiscalNote’s modernized reporting capabilities, you can see what types of actions lead to wins and losses, which can help you determine which strategies didn’t pay off, and which ones to double down in the future. Our reports allow teams to track and analyze results, and also serve as a way to show off those results to others.

Get the Most Accurate News Coverage:

With so much information coming out hourly about the Coronavirus pandemic, being able to find the most accurate and nonpartisan coverage is almost impossible.

CQ Roll Call’s nonpartisan news and analysis is a single source for accuracy, reliability, and truth around the public policy issues that matter most to your team.

From hard-to-find government source documents and “Dear Colleague” letters, to transcripts and searchable floor video, we bring the complete legislative ecosystem surrounding any policy right to your fingertips. Everything from legislative floor actions, including votes by chamber, and amendments taken up on the house or senate floor are available across the FiscalNote product suite.

Communicate in Real-Time:

Responding in one voice to unexpected events is another major challenge for teams that deal with global issues. Achieving alignment is not straightforward. The two biggest challenges generally are information silos and the ability to digitally collaborate across departments and geographies.

FiscalNote allows distributed and dispersed teams across the country and world to collaborate and work together on the same public policy issues in one place. Teammates are able to communicate and message each other in real-time through tagging and alerting without having to jump to email or another internal system of communication. Now, wherever you are in the world, you’ll be able to communicate with your team and see what the key issues are and talking points around your latest initiatives. 

With time management being so critical during a crisis, your team will not have to worry about being out of the loop with each other.

Have the Right Contacts, Right Away:

Knowing who the right person to reach in the middle of a crisis can make all the difference. With so many stakeholders in your network to activate, how can you find the right one?

FiscalNote has the most up-to-date contact information for Representatives and their staff across all 50 states and Congress. Gain access to the largest set of people data available on the market, with information on over 100,000+ contacts at the state and federal level. Access profiles that include biographies, social media profiles, phone numbers, email, and addresses. 

We enable teams to be able to message and target their outreach to external stakeholders more effectively with customizable mailing lists based on issue area, party, role, staff, chamber, delegation, or voting record.

Build Your Network

Government affairs is all about information – who’s talking to whom, which committees matter, when are they meeting, and what kind of intelligence is available on people and issues.

Using FiscalNote’s data and analytics, government and public affairs teams are able to build their network of influence by finding new partners and collaborators. Data and information about legislators, for example, can give government and public affairs professionals insight into everything from issue-specific effectiveness to more subtle ideological preferences, as well as legislators you should be building working relationships with. 

FiscalNote can help you identify strong champions for your cause on both sides of the aisle. Social media integration allows you to see which legislators are tweeting about your issues.

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