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On-Demand: From Preemption to Partisanship: How to Avoid Obstacles and Seize Opportunities at the Local Level

Watch our recorded webinar to explore how your team can successfully address your issues by focusing on the local level.

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With bipartisanship hard to find at the federal and state level, resulting in long, drawn-out negotiations and gridlock, local government has become the action-packed arena more organizations are eyeing in order to address their most important issues. This strategy presents a unique opportunity to reframe your approach and capitalize on the trends that are making a tangible impact on local communities.

However, as organizations find success at the local level, the growing trend of preemption laws is also poised to reshape the role of local governments, with sweeping impacts. State legislators have introduced at least 650 preemption bills so far this year, and that number is expected to grow.

Watch our recorded webinar to explore how your team can successfully address your issues by focusing on the local level.

Experts will discuss:

  • Updates on the status of states considering preemption laws and the potential impact on local strategies

  • The issues trending and passing at the local level, and what it means for your organization

  • Innovative approaches and initiatives to overcome obstacles and make a real difference at the local level

  • Mike Elam, Vice President of Community Affairs & Market Development, i3 Broadband

  • Sarah Trumble, Senior Director of Government Affairs, Urban Institute

  • Michael Fenner, Associate Consultant, FiscalNote

  • Moderated by Taralinda Willis, General Manager of Public Policy and Issues Management, FiscalNote

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