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| When it comes to the information you need, our technology has your back. When it comes to human interaction, problem-solving, & networking, our communities have you covered.

Invaluable connections in an evolving world

At FiscalNote, we believe the most effective way to address pressing issues is by working together. That’s why we don't just bring you the comprehensive solutions for managing your issues - we also offer a multitude of opportunities for clients to engage with their peers.

Whether you’re seeking guidance from other industry leaders, deeper insights on potential risks or developments affecting your area of work, or simply looking to network, FiscalNote helps you find the right people, at the right time.

Bold thinking and creative problem solving to put your organization front and center

Join the FiscalNote Executive Institute, our thought leadership group giving senior executives regular opportunities to develop cross-sectional perspectives. Closed-door conversations provide opportunities to talk about crucial issues related to risk and uncertainty and participate in professional development around timely topics, such as DEI; digital transformation; sustainability and ESG; and government and global affairs.


Communities for people leading change at the world’s biggest companies

At a big organization, you’ve got vast resources at your fingertips. But you may lack much-needed unfiltered advice and support from peers with jobs like yours, at companies like yours. That’s where comes in. Our function-based membership groups connect senior decision-makers through confidential, professionally facilitated discussions. Whether you’re looking to reduce risk, navigate change, or respond to unprecedented topics, the community has the answers you need.


Join us to network and learn through FiscalNote events

Connect with us remotely or in-person to network and learn. Our timely, curated events bring together leading panelists to discuss the policy topics that affect your issues and industry. Afterward, keep informed with on-demand webinars, whitepapers, and data-driven reports and findings from the FiscalNote team of experts. Get involved and participate as a panelist or be quoted in our content and develop your thought-leadership credentials.


“I love exchanging views and understanding what others are trying to achieve. It’s great to interface with different agendas, build bridges, and achieve something together.”

Nathalie Errard, Senior Vice President, Head of EU and TATO Affairs at Airbus


"In my 20 years in the corporate citizenship and philanthropy profession, I have found participation in the CSR Board to be one of the most beneficial memberships yet."

Casey Cortese, Director at Charles Schwab

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