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The Customizable Template You Need for Writing a Winning Policy Brief

by Lydia Stowe, FiscalNote

Ace your next policy brief with this fully customizable template, designed with expert input and industry insights.

Writing a winning policy brief

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Policy briefs allow your stakeholders to better understand complex information related to policy in a simple way. A well-written policy brief keeps legislatures and their teams informed on issues that matter to your organization.

Not sure where to start? This downloadable policy brief template will allow you to create a concise, visually appealing brief that you can completely customize to your needs.

Policy brief template includes:

  • Space for your logo, executive summary, appendices, and all other important elements of a policy brief
  • Icons and charts gallery that can be used to add visual appeal throughout your brief
  • Tips and tricks from industry professionals to make your brief eye-catching and effective
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