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FiscalNote Core

is the #1 premier issues management system. Pursue the opportunities and mitigate the risk arising from policy developments with the only SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant legislative tracking platform.
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How it works

  • Proactively manage a changing world.

    You need to unify the work of government relations, risk management, corporate communications, and more.

    In the FiscalNote issues management system, GR alerts the team when new bills are proposed, PR posts current talking points, legal assesses the risk, and the entire team keeps their contacts, meetings, and notes in one place.

    Request a demo and see for yourself.

    FiscalNote Platform
  • Know the moment something changes.

    A new policy could affect you at any time anywhere that you operate. You need all of the data in one place.

    Whether you manage issues at the US state or federal level or around the world, FiscalNote's government affairs software has the bills, regulations, and elected officials that you need.  Request a demo to learn more.

    FiscalNote Regulation Monitoring
  • Effectively manage all stakeholder relationships.

    Part of issues management involves working with the right people at the right time.

    Find elected officials and their staff, upload contacts from other organizations, log meetings or other actions the moment they take place, and see what every team member is working on across the globe. Request a demo today.

    Managing Stakeholder Relationships

Ready to see for yourself?

Don’t change your workflow. Change your platform.

Every organization is different. FiscalNote's issues management platform & legislative tracking software gives you flexible tools to keep all of your information in one place, without forcing you to change the way you work.

  • FiscalNote webapp dashboard for data privacy

    FiscalNote webapp dashboard for data privacy

    FiscalNote gives you dedicated hubs for each issue. Consolidate every piece of information that relates to an issue you’re working on in one place. Add talking points and strategies, upload files and web links, track legislation and regulation, log actions (like meetings, campaigns, or press releases), and more.

    Request a demo of FiscalNote

  • FiscalNote webapp dashboard

  • FiscalNote webapp dashboard

  • FiscalNote webapp dashboard

Who's using it

Organizations around the world rely on FiscalNote to help them manage issues, pursue opportunities, and mitigate risk.


Ready to see for yourself?

Let’s explore how modern issues management can help you get more done.