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FiscalNote Announces Acquisition of Oxford Analytica

The geopolitical intelligence and advisory firm’s in-depth content and analysis will further broaden and deepen FiscalNote’s data and content offerings for global clients

WASHINGTON, DC – February 17, 2021 – FiscalNote, a global technology company that provides software and political intelligence around legislative and regulatory risk, announced that it has acquired Oxford Analytica, a UK-based firm that delivers geopolitical intelligence and advisory services to clients around the world. 

“At FiscalNote, we’re firm believers in the power of pairing high quality, in-depth analysis with groundbreaking technology,” said FiscalNote Founder & CEO, Tim Hwang. “Oxford Analytica has earned its stellar reputation as the pioneer of geopolitical risk analysis, and we’re thrilled to combine forces in expanding and deepening the reach of our products and services across the world.”

This strategic acquisition will unite Oxford Analytica’s extensive global content with FiscalNote’s robust suite of AI-enabled software tools, extensive legislative and regulatory data, and deep expertise in US and EU political analysis, ultimately bringing a wider and deeper range of solutions to clients across both companies. Founded in 1975, Oxford Analytica advises clients across North America, Europe, Latin America, Russia, Middle East and Africa on global issues such as security and defense, energy, finance, food/agribusiness, infrastructure, manufacturing, technology, media and telecom. The Oxford Analytica Daily Brief is relied on by hundreds of clients for timely, impartial and actionable analysis on emerging trends and developments in the global political economy, leveraging a unique combination of external experts and in-house analysts.

“Some of the world’s best talent is working together at FiscalNote to address and cover the most pressing issues facing government, business and society,” noted Oxford Analytica CEO, David K. Young. “I could think of no better team than the one Tim has put together at FiscalNote to not only respect our time-honored traditions of editorial integrity and independence, but also technologically propel and expand upon the work we are already doing.”

FiscalNote’s 2018 acquisitions of renowned Washington, DC technology and media company CQ Roll Call from the Economist Group and Brussels-based policy tracking and analysis firm Shungham are clear examples of FiscalNote’s leadership in driving growth at the intersection of technology and in-depth content and analysis. As the world becomes increasingly complex, FiscalNote continues to meet the challenge of delivering on the demand for more innovative and comprehensive ways to access actionable insight across the world. 

This acquisition further solidifies FiscalNote’s transformation as a key provider of the critical software, data, and analysis organizations require to effectively operate in a rapidly evolving global ecosystem.

About FiscalNote
FiscalNote is a global technology company that equips organizations with comprehensive data, policy insights, and software solutions critical for driving informed action and mitigating risk in a complex and evolving world. By providing advanced capabilities in legislative & regulatory tracking, stakeholder management, global risk intelligence, and advocate engagement, FiscalNote is trusted by more than 4,000 customers worldwide to help solve their most important information challenges.

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About Oxford Analytica
Oxford Analytica ( is an independent geopolitical analysis and advisory firm drawing on a worldwide network of experts to advise its clients on their strategies, operations, policies and investments.

The firm's trusted insights and seasoned judgements on global issues enable its clients to navigate complex markets where the nexus of politics and economics, business and society is critical to success.

Founded in 1975, Oxford Analytica is the pioneer of geopolitical risk analysis, and today works with the world’s most influential businesses, governments and international organisations.

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