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Medical Centers Across the Country Trust Access Live to Communicate with Nearly Half a Million People

Over the past five years, multiple medical centers have used Access Live technology for over 160 events in order to communicate with nearly half a million people.

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Several medical centers have used Access Live to conduct community outreach events, which is a highly successful and engaging way to learn about current and potential patients and find out what they want. Others have used these events as a way to communicate internally with all of their employees, across all campuses. These events covered a multitude of topics, such as healthcare, making healthy lifestyle choices, the patient/doctor relationship, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, exercise, creating personal care plans, and so much more.

The purpose of these events was to facilitate a conversation between participants and the event hosts. Because communication was coming from both the participant and the hosts, engagement was high at these events, giving the hosts the information they were looking for, and participants answers to their questions and the feeling that their voice matters.

Internal Communications Events

Poll Questions Asked During the Event:

  • Some reports cite that for every hour physicians are seeing patients, they are spending nearly two additional hours on paperwork. How does this compare to your tie with patients versus performing administrative tasks?

  • Out of all the potential health care issues likely to be discussed in Washington, which one of them most impacts your work, either clinically or administratively?

  • How much was spent on health care in the United States in 2016?

What Did They Learn?

  • What employees with specific job descriptions need, how they feel about their workload, etc.

  • What employees already know, and what they may need to be further educated about in terms of patient care, health insurance, and other topics

  • What issues employees care most about in the workplace/healthcare industry

Community Outreach Events

Poll Questions Asked During the Event:

  • What hospital are you most likely to visit?

  • Did you receive a flu shot this year?

  • In comparison to other hospitals, do we provide the same quality of care?

  • What is the most important thing that we can focus on to deliver the best outcomes and experiences for our patients?

  • Have you experienced feelings of anxiety or depression in the past year?

  • Do you have a primary care physician?

What Did They Learn?

  • How to better serve the surrounding community

  • What patients like/don’t like, and what changes they would most like to see happen

  • What matters most to patients

  • How participants take care of themselves

  • Health problems they have experience with

Participant Questions

These events also offered both phone and online participants the chance to ask questions, rather than just answering them. By taking questions, medical centers have discovered what people want to know about their facility, and healthcare in general, as well as learn what people know already. Some participants sought to ask general health care questions, and others were looking to find out what changes in their health insurance would mean for their future health care needs. Examples of questions participants have asked during these events:

  • I’m going to be enrolling in Medicare. Regardless of the plan, will it be considered in-network by your healthcare system?

  • Can stress increase cholesterol?

  • Does following a plant-based diet help decrease heart disease?

  • Is a mammogram really necessary? If so, when?

  • When is the best time for a shingles vaccine?

A Unique Use for Access Live

A transfusion medicine organization used an Access Live video event differently than any other client before. Their event was used to announce and walk its employees through a total rebrand of the company.

Due to having offices all over the United States, they needed a way to involve everyone without all being in the same room. They solved this problem by hosting the event at the company headquarters, while the rest of the offices around the country streamed it online.

Access Live was the ideal way to communicate with employees about the rebranding due to the need for participants to be able to visually walk through the new branding components, such as the logo, colors, and new overall look and feel.

  • On average, participants stayed engaged for 70 percent of the event

  • The event reached a total of 271 participants

  • This event did not include a live Q&A or polls, because it was meant solely for presenting the new branding to employees

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