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How CDOT Uses Technology to Communicate With Residents across the State

The Colorado Department of Transportation

The Colorado Department of Transportation uses Access Live technology to speak with residents across the state of Colorado about highway construction and future transportation projects.

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The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has hosted more than 60 live, interactive events over the course of 6 years. These events have given more than 2 million participants the chance to hear about the road construction and transportation project plans and changes taking place in their communities. In addition to calling nearly 185,000 total participants on the phone, CDOT used audio streaming to make the event more accessible to all, enabling citizens to join on any device they want, from wherever they are.

During their events, both phone and online participants were able to ask questions and hear directly from experts at CDOT. 

A few of the guest speakers on CDOT events have included: Executive Director, Regional Transportation Directors from all over Colorado, District Transportation Commissioners, Communications Managers, and Project Managers. 

By including guests from within the organization, CDOT gave Colorado residents the opportunity to hear from the people closely involved in the work being done in their communities, giving them access to the most accurate information and creating a relationship through transparent, two-way conversations.

Get to Know Your Audience

Of course, Access Live events aren’t only beneficial for participants. In addition to solidifying a relationship with their audience, CDOT was also able to gather feedback and information from participants by utilizing poll questions throughout the events. 

It's a simple thing for people to be able to pick up a phone and be able to talk to you, and that is our best way of reaching the public.

Colorado Department of Transportation
Former Director of Communications

Poll questions included:

  • How do you stay updated on construction activities and construction impacts?
  • Now that construction has started, we want to hear what your experience has been with traffic impacts so far.
  • What is the most critical improvement you think needs to be made on our roads?
  • How would you describe traffic volumes in Southwest Colorado?

Ready to connect with your audience?

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