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FiscalNote Public Sector

provides a flexible platform that allows Congress, the agencies and the federal workforce track, analyze, and manage their issues. Get more done faster.

How it works

  • Do more than just track

    Congressional Affairs for the Public Sector is complex. You need to do more than track public policy and Congressional interactions. With the most comprehensive set of tools available, our solutions enable you, your team members, and other departments to manage every issue in one centralized system. Get budget and appropriations data the moment they’re available, prepare for testimony, and track insights from the 24 hour news-cycle.

  • Unify your work across teams

    FiscalNote’s innovative dashboard serves as centralized hub for every bill, regulation, stakeholder, meeting, and action. By maintaining a single source of information, you can keep everyone on the same page.

  • Go even further with real-time reporting

    In order to be effective, your work depends on multiple sources of data and in-house files. Instantly add your own links, files, testimony, contacts, directly into your Issues Workspace. Gain access to full coverage of transcripts and legislator pages with the click of a button.

Our 500+ public sector clients include every branch of government: every Congressional office, every Department.