White Papers |May 31, 2018

The ROI of Advocacy

It’s time to redefine how organizations approach advocacy. For years, advocacy has been viewed through a prescriptive lens regarding only the grassroots and grasstops functions within government affairs teams. In today’s digital age of politics and activism, the role of…

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White Papers |Apr 19, 2018

The Future of Advocacy: Stakeholder Management

Effective grassroots advocacy has always revolved around the networks that you and your organization are able to rely on and activate. The ability to create campaigns to drive necessary legislative change is more important than ever. In the digital age,…

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White Papers |Mar 06, 2018

Public Issues Management: Why Multiple Departments Should Work with Government Affairs

In today’s complex political landscape, a traditional government relations strategy is no longer sufficient. New influencers with different leadership styles, changes to existing economic principles, and the new role of social media in communication between businesses and government are changing…

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White Papers |Mar 01, 2018

Government Impact: Executive Trends & Risks

Q+A with Former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Labor Chris Lu Government is having a larger impact than ever on the enterprise. We recently sat down with Chris Lu, former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Labor and current FiscalNote advisor, to discuss…

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White Papers |Feb 27, 2018

Global Government Affairs in the Spotlight

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, it was noted that last year (2017) executives and board members at multinational companies “paid the most attention to risks that dominated global headlines”. Indeed, the Wall Street Journal highlighted 2017 as the…

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White Papers |Feb 14, 2018

New Opportunities in Public And Government Affairs

Looking back at the previous year, there’s no debate that 2017 was rife with unprecedented political change, and government affairs teams have had to adjust to this new normal. This year, to have the greatest impact and take advantage of…

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White Papers |Dec 08, 2017

The Future of Influence Report

Recently, FiscalNote surveyed government affairs industry leaders to learn what the future of government affairs will look like in 2018 and beyond. The results of the survey were then compiled into The Future of Influence report. From questions on the…

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White Papers |Dec 07, 2017

How FiscalNote is More Than Legislative Tracking

In today’s political environment, now more than ever government affairs teams need a modern government affairs strategy and the right tools in place to reach organizational objectives. At FiscalNote, we enable organizations to maintain their competitive edge with our Government…

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White Papers |Nov 06, 2017

The GRM Difference

Effective issues management in the information age is complex. There is no reason to allow a patchwork of sub-standard tools and processes to make it even harder. At FiscalNote, we believe there is a better way to manage public issues,…

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White Papers |Sep 11, 2017

The Salt Lake Chamber Q&A

Michael Parker is the vice president of public policy at the Salt Lake Chamber, Utah’s largest business association and business leader. A statewide chamber of commerce with members in all 29 Utah counties, the Chamber represents more than 8,000 businesses…

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