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Six Ways VoterVoice Helps Mobilize Your Supporters to Act

by Content Team, FiscalNote

Now more than ever, digital advocacy is one of the most important tactics to driving meaningful action from your supporters. Here's how VoterVoice helps

VoterVoice Digital Advocacy Mobilize

Digital advocacy has reached an inflection point that’s almost impossible to imagine. Across the globe, the political climate is driving engagement in record numbers. At the same time, the COVID-19  pandemic has severely restricted organizations’ abilities to mobilize resources in traditional ways — in-person events have been replaced by Zoom meetings; door-to-door canvassing - for the most part - has been replaced by textbanking. 

Digital advocacy isn’t just a key tool in your organization’s campaign toolbox; suddenly, it’s practically the only tool. Given how important it has become, you don’t need a chainsaw to execute your digital marketing strategies; you need a scalpel. 

Here are six ways that VoterVoice, FiscalNote’s leading grassroots advocacy platform, can help you drive meaningful action with its laser-sharp digital marketing capabilities. 

Plan For Success  

VoterVoice offers powerful capabilities for motivating your advocates through direct contact. However, sending a single message to your constituents is just a small part of what should be a carefully considered, strategically minded campaign. 

If you’re looking to drive action around a long brewing piece of legislation, it may strengthen your impact if you can build a series of thoughtful messages over the course of a few months, keeping engaged advocates abreast of what's happening as the legislation moves from committee to floor, or house to house, versus random messages that may repeat the same ideas. 

In VoterVoice, you can build out a sequence of messages, with different content, scheduled to send over time. They can have different audience segmentations, or can be aimed at a single group. You can also plan across channels — text, social media, email, and more. 

Scheduling messages lets you view the full arc of a campaign, and the story you’re telling to your audience, all toward the goal of driving meaningful action. As real-time data comes in around each message’s results, you can modify the next set of messages to optimize their impact and increase response rates. 

Move Quickly When it Matters Most

In an ideal world, plans would stay consistent and there would always be an extra hour in the day to prepare for anything. 

But in reality, the vote for a major bill can be moved forward on the calendar, while a senator mentions he’s reconsidering his vote. Suddenly there’s a chance for real change where there was none before. Success requires a fast, precise mobilization of your audience. 

In advocacy, time is almost always of the essence. When you need to move quickly, VoterVoice is ready to help. A simple yet robust design tool allows you to build an email within minutes, incorporating graphics and a clear call to action. 

Supporter information is automatically filled making it more efficient for both you and your recipients to act quickly. Once that initial message is in the field, VoterVoice tracks the responses, including which recipients have sent on a message or call to their legislator, so that you can follow up on your initial outreach quickly and keep momentum moving forward. 

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Personalize Your Outreach

According to marketing and data company Statista, almost 320 billion emails are anticipated to be sent daily by 2021. For advocacy professionals, standing out in that avalanche, whether in communications to advocates or lawmakers - means focusing on the personal — and driving home how your mission impacts your supporters and legislators' constituents. 

That starts with the subject line — VoterVoice can personalize email subject lines so that each message is addressed by name to the recipient. But more than just the right name, subject lines need the right message. Think about subject lines that contain a consequence, a metric and a timeline to illicit the most interest and action from your advocates, 

More importantly, VoterVoice allows you to customize a specific recommendation to your recipients for their own message to their legislators. You can invite them to tell a personal story or to share details about how their lives have been impacted by an issue. Through encouraging custom messages, VoterVoice empowers your advocates to make their response to their government more personal and impactful. 

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Reach Your Advocates Where They Are

While email may be a core channel for reaching out to your advocates, we are all plugged into several channels at any given moment — text, social media, email, apps. Your advocates may be reachable in any number of ways, but which way will generate the best response? 

VoterVoice enables multiple points of contact — email, text, social media, push notification, and yes, even fax. You can contact everyone at once, or segment your list. While bombarding your advocates with multiple versions of the same message may not be best practice for all outreach, it can have a powerful impact when it’s important to move quickly to impact upcoming legislation or meet a financing deadline. 

For long-term campaigns, using multiple channels helps keep your message top of mind and provides meaningful data on which mechanisms are most effective in reaching your target audience. VoterVoice’s real-time reporting will let you know quickly whether your advocates respond better to text messages or emails so that you can evolve your strategy and maximize impact. 

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Use Data to Optimize Your Strategy & Report Up

The power of digital advocacy lies not only in its immediacy or reach, but also in the ability to instantly review results from your outreach efforts, and tailor the next steps to optimize future communications. At the same time, data becomes meaningless if there’s too much information to parse, or if it’s not presented in a clear, concise way. 

VoterVoice’s reporting capabilities provide real-time insights into how your campaigns are performing, not just when it comes to engagement with the messages you send, but when you want to know how those messages have compelled advocates to take substantive action — to email their representative or call their office. It goes beyond click-through and open rates to deliver information on the actions that matter most. 

Having that data close at hand and easy to consume means that your outreach efforts can be ever-evolving. You can optimize future campaigns or even next steps within a single campaign. And if there are offline tactics that need to be activated to push your message further, the data within VoterVoice can help inform those decisions as well. 

Even better, having solid data behind your campaign success lets you present your work in a way that justifies your existence to the greater organization. 

Keep the Conversation Alive & Keep Segmenting

As you build campaigns and optimize based on segmentation and your results, you’ll find that your relationship with your advocates starts to evolve. VoterVoice enables that evolution with tools for year-round engagement. It’s important to mobilize your advocates to act when it’s critical; it’s also vital to use tools such as newsletters, polls, and updates on a consistent basis to maintain that line of communication. With VoterVoice, you’ll even be able to track those relationships to help identify which advocates are most engaged. That’s a great moment to segment your audience and design new campaigns that push the disconnected to plug in, and encourage the most engaged to increase their commitment through volunteering or donations.  

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