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CQ Federal

empowers you to never miss an update on legislation and regulations. Track and analyze bills to act quickly and effectively.
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How it works

  • Be the first to know

    Things change fast, and CQ Federal is updated just as fast. Through email and the app, you get immediate updates on the issues that matter, across bills, transcripts, reports, votes, and more. Request a demo and learn more today.

    Public Policy Updates
  • Filter out the noise

    The US government produces thousands of documents and updates. CQ Federal's advanced alert tools ensure you get everything you need and nothing you don't. 

    CQ Federal Policy Alerts
  • Dig deep into the detail

    CQ Federal has the most comprehensive set of data around federal legislation available. You can rely on it to give you every piece of information you need to analyze the impact of government actions on your organization. Get started today and request a demo.

    CQ Federal Legislation Data

    Do you need to compare two versions of a bill? Report on the voting history of a member? Deliver a summary of key bill facts? CQ Federal’s reports allow you to build custom analyses and share them across your team.

    Bill Comparison Report

Ready to see for yourself?

What makes CQ Federal different?

Unmatched breadth and depth of federal data enables government relations professionals to know more and get more done.

  • Originally for exclusive use by the House of Representatives, CQ House delivers forward-looking summaries and analyses of every bill set for debate, anticipated amendments, fact sheets of major legislation, and summaries of all bill changes made in conference.

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  • CQ Federal webapp videos of the house floor

  • CQ webapp Congress archives

How It’s Used by Leading Companies

Who's using it

Corporations, non-profits, associations, and law firms rely on the breadth and depth of CQ Federal to track policy.

Jones Day
Lockheed Martin
Executive Office of the President

Ready to see for yourself?

Let's see how the depth and breadth of CQ Federal's data can help you get more done.