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FiscalNote Markets: September Political Outlook

by Katie Bays & Stefanie Miller, Managing Directors, FiscalNote Markets

Read our full report for an analysis on 2020 election events; key political landscape issues; Senate, House and Presidential projections; and more.

    As we draw closer to November 3rd, the FiscalNote Markets team is analyzing likely election scenarios and their potential impacts on the market.

    While the presidential candidates are virtually tied at this point in the race, we’ve found that based on voter enthusiasm, economic trends, polling, and the electoral college factor, one could have a slight edge over the other.

    We dive into all of this and much more in our September Politics Outlook.

    Download the full report for our analysis on:

    • 2020 election events to watch
    • Key issues shaping the political landscape
    • Projections around Senate and House races to watch
    • Presidential race projections, including various scenario analyses of different likely electoral college outcomes.
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