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On-Demand: The New Normal - The Future of Government and Public Affairs

Public affairs has a seat at the decision table like never before. Watch our webinar to learn about the new brand of government relations and how to capitalize on it.

The current pandemic has dramatically impacted how lobbyists and advocacy professionals do their day-to-day jobs, from canceled face-to-face meetings, fundraisers and events, to the inability to get lawmakers’ attention on anything but coronavirus.

But some of these changes have actually driven creativity and entrepreneurship in a space not always associated with it.

Public affairs now has a seat at the decision table like never before. Lobbyists and advocacy pros are going virtual for relationship building, fueling their PACs, and holding events. Overall, the industry is embracing technology to help with its job in ways it sometimes resisted.

Watch our webinar with innovative government relations experts, and learn about this new brand of public affairs plus how to capitalize on it.


  • Michael Drobac, Senior Advisor, McGuireWoods
  • Chris Lepore, Vice President of U.S. State Government Affairs, Johnson & Johnson
  • Shari Dexter, Director of Political Action, American Hospital Association
  • Sherry Whitworth, Managing Director of Public Affairs and Advocacy, FiscalNote
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