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On-Demand: How to Create a Diverse Capitol Hill and K Street

Join FiscalNote and our panel of industry experts for a discussion on why investing in DEI is now vital to your team's success.

The 117th Congress is the most diverse in history and pressure is building on K Street to ensure that lobbyists and government affairs professionals reflect the diversity of the country.

Despite all the positive movement in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives over the past year, the government relations space is still a predominantly monolithic culture. An industry built on relationships, networking, and expanding your footprint still has many institutional barriers for those who wish to participate.

Join FiscalNote and our panel of industry experts in our recorded webinar for a discussion on why investing in DEI is now vital to your team's success.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • How to break down the initial barriers that prevent the government relations industry from truly looking like the rest of the country
  • What policy and institutional obstacles remain, despite the increased focus and attention given to DEI initiatives over the past several years
  • How to widen the funnel from the beginning with diverse applicants who want to work as staffers and lobbyists
  • How to build and train your government relations team to be able to interface with the increasingly diverse slate of legislators and their staff
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