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On-Demand Event: Defense and the Federal Budget 2021

Learn about the federal budget and defense industry from our panel of experts.

While partisanship in recent years has made crafting an annual federal budget an exhaustive tug-of-war, roughly one-fifth of that spending will likely again be apportioned for defense.

So what are the big issues expected to be addressed in defense spending this year?

In our recorded event covering defense and the budget for fiscal year 2021, we discuss:

  • Shifting spending patterns to meet emerging threats
  • What will be added or cut by Congress this year?
  • Will an election influence the executive branch and congressional decisions on defense?
  • Does the prospect of a presidential change increase pressure to secure another big increase this year while it’s still more doable?

Featured Panelists:

  • Congressman Steve Womack (AR-3)
  • John Luddy, Vice President of National Security Policy, Aerospace Industries Association
  • John Nichols, Partner, The Potomac Advocates
  • John Donnelly, Senior National Security Reporter, CQ Roll Call
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