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On-Demand: Cybersecurity—The Next Global Crisis?

Our panel of industry leaders take a look into the ever-increasing hacks to electronic data and how governments around the world are trying to respond.

One of the biggest risk factors facing governments, businesses, and society at large is no longer COVID-19, but the ever-increasing hacks to electronic data.

The mayhem caused by frozen data and privacy breaches is costing billions in lost revenue, data, and time—not to mention substantial, controversial ransoms being paid.

It’s a truly global issue that governments, including the United States, are grappling with, with limited success.

Watch our recorded webinar to hear in-house experts from Oxford Analytica, FiscalNote’s data science team, and industry leaders discuss:

  • How governments are dealing with, or failing to deal with, cybersecurity—both collectively and individually
  • Where the policy is taking us—in the U.S. and around the world—and whether it will be effective enough
  • What to expect in the coming year.
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