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Number One End-to-End Solution for Managing the Issues That Matter Most
FiscalNote is the most comprehensive technology solution on the market. Access news & analysis, tracking, stakeholder management, advocacy and collaboration tools so you can monitor the entire policymaking world from start to finish.

Discover what’s happening, assess its impact, and act to move the needle – and do it all while keeping your team and the people who matter on the same page wherever they are.
Number One News & Policy Analysis LEARN MORE Access the most trusted, nonpartisan policy news and analysis, so you can stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions with the right information, at the right time. Number One Tracking & Monitoring Get alerted when something changes in legislation or regulations at every level—national, state, local, and global. Understand risk without wasting time with irrelevant information. LEARN MORE Number One Advocacy & Grassroots Engagement Build campaigns, rally supporters, educate lawmakers, and ensure your message is heard across all levels of government with the largest, most trusted advocacy solution.
Number One Stakeholder Management Connect the dots, get insights, and store all your interactions with stakeholders and important issues in one place. Access the data of 100,000+ public officials—the largest on the market. LEARN MORE Number One Collaboration Tools Keep teams cohesive, collaborative, and on message with policy updates, strategies, and talking points. See what’s being accomplished wherever team teams are, and share impact reports on the actions you took. LEARN MORE