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Effectively alert, discover, and monitor state regulatory developments, mitigate risk, & drive desired regulatory outcomes as they transition from reactive to proactive strategies.

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With FiscalNote’s platform, you won’t have to search through multiple online state registers — or leave your regular work environment — to stay on top of the regulatory developments that affect your organization. Use text search or filtering options to find exactly what you’re looking for, label pertinent rules with convenient nicknames, and get email alerts delivered to your inbox when a relevant regulation is added or updated. And since all of this happens within the system, take advantage of the same powerful collaboration tools you’ll find throughout FiscalNote.

More than just documents

FiscalNote platorm makes understanding the various stages and documents associated with state rulemaking easy, with natural language processing that actually reads state registers and pulls out relevant information, and identifies it. So whether you’re looking for contact info, rule status, or hearing information, FiscalNote platform can help you find it quickly and easily.


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