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Get to Know Your Unknowns

FiscalNote solutions bring together what every organization needs to survive today's environment — an unmatched combination of global data, insightful analysis, and powerful workflow tools.


From news and analysis, to lobbying and grassroots advocacy, FiscalNote issues management solutions give you everything you need to solve the biggest challenges facing today's public, corporate, and government affairs professionals.

What's included in a FiscalNote issues management solution?

Every organization has different issues management needs, but some of the more popular capabilities of FiscalNote's solutions include:

  • comprehensive data & content from over 25 countries
  • discovery & alerting for state and federal content sets
  • in-depth analytics for stakeholders, legislation and regulation
  • advocacy & outreach for grassroots, legislators, and staff
  • document storage, knowledge management, and team collaboration tools
  • integrated contact, task, and resource management
  • customizable reporting
  • enterprise-grade security
  • best-in-class mobile application

New to Issues Management?

While the concept itself isn't new, FiscalNote is the first technology platform designed to bring together the work of public, corporate, and government affairs across the different phases of issues management - Discovery, Planning, Execution, and Measurement.

No matter how simple or complex your approach to issues is today, you'll recognize elements of your work in each of the phases - and see where FiscalNote can make a difference.


Superior legislative tracking and regulatory analysis for every level of government.


Fast, powerful grassroots tools designed to find and mobilize your strongest supporters.


All the benefits of a CRM, but built specifically for managing your most important stakeholders.

Corporations, associations, and non-profits of all shapes and sizes already manage their most important issues with FiscalNote.

  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Discover
  • Toyota
  • Southwest
  • Microsoft
  • Humana