TATE, Incorporated Drives Growth with FiscalNote

TATE, Incorporated is the preeminent firm focusing exclusively on personnel recovery. They provide unparalleled expertise in personnel recovery training to the Department of Defense, other U.S. Government agencies, and government contractors. At its core, TATE prepares valuable defense operatives in the Air Force, Department of Defense, and Department of State for dangerous situations during international travel. If they do run into trouble, TATE helps to train those responsible for rescue operations with the ultimate goal of ensuring their speedy re-entry into regular life. 

Challenge – Dependent on lobbyists

TATE founder and president David Ayres needed to follow funding decisions made in Washington D.C. in order to determine the level of service TATE could provide to its clients. To identify future business opportunities in the complex federal legislative environment, TATE relied on outside lobbyists who knew the landscape.

But keeping an eye on Capitol Hill proved to be very difficult for a corporation with project managers distributed across the globe. The team at TATE felt their federal lobbyists didn’t know the company intimately enough; the team was frustrated by feeling removed from the legislative process.

“We were really dependent on those organizations or those lobbyists to direct us,” Ayres said. “We knew our business but they were the ones that were navigating the halls of Congress and giving us what they thought were the right linkages and atmospherics.”

The company needed a tighter grasp on its interactions with policy and federal funding in order to maximize the impact it has on legislation and find opportunities for growth.

Solution – Identifying opportunities themselves

TATE uses FiscalNote’s Government Relationship Management (GRM) solution and FiscalNote’s Business Opportunity Service to identify sources of funding– creating opportunities to expand their business.

“We have a product, we just need more customers,” Ayres said.

Through data automation and analysis, TATE is finding new areas for growth. By using GRM to expand their original area of focus – federal government – they have been able to look at various state appropriations and pitch their services to branches of the National Guard. Expanding their breadth of reach also opens opportunities with educational services and embassy security.

Ayres and his team are notified any time new developments happen on priority-issue legislation by a system that uses machine learning technology to understand TATE’s legislative and regulatory preferences as the team uses it.

“The best part about [FiscalNote] is it is intuitive,” he says. “That’s important because we don’t have the time to train people.”

For government contractors finding requests for proposals (RFPs) early in the legislative process is imperative to landing new business. In TATE’s case, they have been able to leverage FiscalNote’s Business Opportunity Service to find new opportunities early and discover more areas for growth.
The business opportunity service uses advanced intelligence to notify TATE of opportunities before RFPs are due– resulting in faster, more efficient business deals. FiscalNote also suggests advocates for TATE who help them drive those opportunities within Congress and state legislatures.

Results – Expanding the business

By utilizing FiscalNote’s services and finding bills with appropriations funding tailored to their needs, the team at TATE found new prospects and clients.

“We really have opened up a different genre of legislation and funding pipelines by virtue of being in a room by ourselves and saying, ‘Let’s see what would happen if we did this,’” Ayres says.

In order to manage the new growth opportunities, Ayres transitioned a member of his team to solely focus on new business development and growth based on insights gained from FiscalNote. He is clear about the value added.

“Now we have a much better understanding of which particular groups need personnel recovery and all of the training that we have,” he said.

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