The Missing Link : The GRM Approach to Getting a Seat at the Table

It’s important for government affairs to act as a key business function in your organization. Government interaction is becoming increasingly important, and is having an increasingly large financial impact on organizations. But some corporations view their government affairs teams as cost centers, with only a vague understanding of if and how the team has any influence on corporate business goals.

The question is, how exactly can government affairs teams use technology to earn a “seat at the table” and start proving their effectiveness in relation to key business objectives?

Join us for our next webinar and we’ll show you what exactly is missing from your current infrastructure that is preventing you from tying government actions to results. You’ll learn:

  • How to create an assessment process to show your team’s outcomes
  • How to get peers to become stakeholders in what government affairs does
  • Know how to use available technology to tie your actions to results and quantify your influence