How a Fortune 100 Chemical Manufacturer Manages Risk

Operating in the highly regulated chemical, plastic, and agricultural sectors requires a strategic government affairs plan. When a bill is introduced that can have significant impact on operations and revenue, are you confident that you know which legislators will be your champion? Learn how this global manufacturer took the guesswork out of who to target and increased internal transparency to achieve success.

Challenge – Better Legislator Intelligence

How much do you know about legislators? Access to comprehensive legislator intelligence was a requirement for this Fortune 100 company. They needed a complete view of legislators that voted along company priorities in the past, as well as those most likely to champion their priorities in the future. Their process of acquiring and distributing legislator intelligence was inconsistent.

Solution – Share insights and activities

GRM helps the company ensure internal teams have access to the same information in a centralized location. Alerts give both the federal and state teams real-time updates on priority legislation. Alerts also help avoid duplication of tasks by showing which team member is covering an issue. Shareable watchlists allow the policy team to store groups of bills, receive updates on them, and track bills throughout the entire legislative lifecycle. Analytics combined with internal insight give the manufacturer a clear view of priority bills as well as which legislators to target.

“I think that’s where, from my perspective, FiscalNote’s GRM is so key to us. It’s been a supplement to our knowledge at the federal level, but at the state level it gives us better eyes and ears on the issues than we could otherwise have,” said the company’s Director of Public Policy.

Results – Maximize influence

Using GRM, the government affairs team sees which legislators voted along company priorities in the past, and those most likely to vote along company priorities in the future. With this information, they effectively direct resources towards current and future legislative champions. In addition, GRM’s collaboration features allow internal teams access to the same information, guide strategy, and help maximize their influence.

“Using GRM we are able to see a picture we weren’t aware of previously,” the Director said. “It’s one of the most exciting, ground-breaking tools we have.”