FiscalNote Allows EnergySolutions to Monitor Issues, Drive Business Value

EnergySolutions is an international nuclear services company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, with operations throughout the United States, Canada and Japan. The company employs over 2,500 people worldwide and is an industry leader in the safe recycling, processing, and disposal of nuclear material.

As their global operations and business development efforts grew in complexity, the Senior Vice President of Government Relations (GR), Casey Hill, sought a systematic way to identify policy information quickly, coordinate resources, and take action to manage an effective government strategy. With only a small team of in-house lawyers and contract lobbyists, coupled with his busy travel schedule, Hill found it challenging to keep up with the volume and pace of relevant regulations that affected his company over time. He also lacked an effective way to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to drive efficiencies and business development for the company.

With these challenges in mind, Hill began working with FiscalNote to implement the latter’s Government Relationship Management (GRM) solution.

First, Hill was able to receive real-time alerts for state and federal legislative and regulatory developments. The speed and breadth of the information provided by FiscalNote, coupled with his ability to work cross-functionally and with industry peers and colleagues, has allowed the government relations team at EnergySolutions to align their efforts more strategically with corporate goals while increasing cost-efficiency.

“FiscalNote GRM has been invaluable to me because it’s been on the forefront of real-time activity. I can now point out multiple examples where thanks to Fiscalnote I became aware of potentially important legislation that popped up in a few states where we have operations before my people on the ground in those states were even aware of the legislation. In each case I was able to alert stakeholders and customers, and sent the legislation off to our General Counsel and accounting teams for review before my “eyes and ears on the ground” even knew it existed. For everyone except my somewhat embarrassed monitoring teams the response to FiscalNote has been overwhelmingly positive. [FiscalNote GRM] allowed me to be on top of everything.”

Secondly, Hill’s adoption of FiscalNote GRM’s mobile application allowed him to keep on top of legislation during his travel across the country. The mobile app gave him access to view and store key insights whenever and wherever was needed.

“In lobbying and advocacy, there is a lot of time spent waiting for meetings,” Hill explains. “What I love about the mobile app is that you can access critical information on-the-go and turn idle time into productive time. I would review my watchlists, review and update previous notes I’ve inputted, and access legislator analytics and contact information as I waited in a capitol building or in a lobby.”

Lastly, in addition to allowing Hill to access and store key insights, FiscalNote GRM has also empowered him to positively contribute to the company’s bottom line. Hill determines success by influencing, coordinating, and running legislation that drives efficiencies, lowers regulatory cost or has some type of business development opportunity tied to it. For example, Hill used FiscalNote GRM to identify legislation and coordinate internal resources that allowed him to save the company a significant amount of money in insurance costs and regulatory fees in one of their key states. Hill also plans on using the platform to help drive opportunities for the Business Development team for nuclear decommissioning projects, a critically important business line for the company.

The EnergySolutions’ Government Relations team has addressed the challenges of managing the volume and pace of regulations and driving business value by using FiscalNote GRM. From more cost and time efficient monitoring capabilities at the office or during travel, to improved collaboration with other internal departments and external organizations, the GR team has improved its ability to manage an effective government strategy.

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