How FiscalNote Drives Alignment at a Major Financial Services Corporation

Financial services is one of the most regulated industries in the United States. Newly introduced legislation or regulation can have significant impact on operations, revenue, and reputation. Learn how this financial services company, headquartered in the Northeast U.S. with over 50,000 employees, drives alignment across a large team to effectively manage policy risks.

The Government Relations and Public Policy department is responsible for executing their public policy agenda and managing policy issues in all fifty states and Congress. The department engages with lawmakers and stakeholders on a variety of policy and regulatory issues ranging from securities to retirement investments. As a team that is geographically spread across the country, the company needed a centralized solution to manage emerging and existing legislative risks for their company.

Challenge: No single-system of record.

Prior to working with FiscalNote, the company did not have a single system of record or a comprehensive data collection system for all of their policy and compliance efforts. The company used a number of resources such as notebooks, email, and outdated software tools to keep track of important political intelligence, meeting records, and policy analysis. The company’s Executive Vice President of Government Relations and Public Policy had little to no visibility into what his team was doing, who they were meeting with, and what policy issues they were monitoring. The EVP wanted to move away from keeping information siloed across teams and find a way for his government relations, policy, and compliance teams to consistently be on the same page.

The EVP, together with the and Vice President of Public Affairs, began evaluating software solutions to solve this problem. They looked at six different systems before choosing FiscalNote.

Solution: FiscalNote’s GRM

FiscalNote’s Government Relationship Management (GRM) platform provides a single system of record for the financial services company to successfully manage their legislative, regulatory, and reputational issues across the state and federal level.

FiscalNote users receive tailored, real-time alerts on legislative and regulatory developments that correspond to the regional footprint of their company’s operations. That data not only includes bills and regulations, but also includes committee hearings, legislator directories, social media feeds, and more. Leveraging that data, the users will input internal knowledge and information they learn on the ground to the corresponding bills and stakeholders.

The company’s users add all critical day-to-day information to the platform. Chief among them are Actions – a feature that allows users to input event and task details within the platform. The team enters in summaries and analysis of meetings, phone calls, emails, and committee hearings they attend. The most powerful thing about these inputs is that they are directly logged in the legislation or lawmaker’s page, facilitating knowledge management. “We want to use Actions to measure the quantity and quality of the meetings we attend,” the VP of Public Affairs said. “We’re using it as a way to track interactions with specific members to gauge our effectiveness. Once [sessions are] done, we can use it to measure our impact and the outcome of our work.”

Furthermore, the team can do all this work on-the-go with the FiscalNote mobile app. This is especially important to the team given that most of them are constantly traveling.

“I used [the mobile app] during my sessions in Santa Fe this year to remind myself who is on a committee, or what bills they’ve carried in the past,” the VP of Public Affairs said. “On the fly, it was good to look at members and log all my conversations. The legislator analytics were also very helpful.”


The company’s Government Relations and Public Policy department has transformed the way it operates. Users can now access key notes, actions, and analysis of legislation and regulation in a single location. Collectively, the team is empowered to share political intelligence, manage knowledge, facilitate collaboration, and quickly find necessary information to execute on their strategies. With all of this data, the Executive Vice President of Government Relations and Public Policy now has the visibility into what his staff is working on and how effective they are as a department.

With all of their relevant data and information consolidated in one place, the team members have been pulling reports from FiscalNote that show their impact by presenting their meetings and interactions in relation to their top policy issues.

“FiscalNote usage and activity will be used as part of our work and performance evaluation this year,” the executives said. “This is a good incentive for people to log their activity. We do mid-year reviews to see how active we are as a team, and see how effective we are with influencers and stakeholders.”

FiscalNote’s GRM is providing this Government Relations and Public Policy team a streamlined process to effectively manage and strategically act on issues that could potentially impact their company’s earnings and reputation.