The Digital Transformation of Government Affairs

In today’s changing political and policy environment, government affairs success is in the spotlight. However, defining success in government affairs today is very different than it was a few years ago. Government affairs is all about information– who’s talking to whom, which committees matter and when they are meeting, and what kind of intelligence is available on people and issues. It used to be relatively straightforward to define success: getting a particular bill or amendment passed or killed, having a lengthy rolodex of policymakers who would take a call, or setting up a certain volume of meetings over the course of a legislative session. The more of “those things” that happened, the more influential a government affairs professional could be considered– i.e. the more successful.

The digital revolution makes it more challenging for government affairs professionals to define success by these historical definitions, and changes in the political and policy environment also challenge the status quo. What does a digital transformation look like for the government affairs industry?

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