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Advocate Acquisition

gets you the supporters you need to reach your goal. Leverage a micro-targeted network to find new voices and amplify your message.
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How it works

  • Find people who support your cause

    A micro-targeted ad network identifies potential new advocates who already support your mission and goals. You aren’t buying a list, you’re finding new supporters in new arenas who care about the same things you do.

  • Organically grow your advocacy base

    Drive new advocates to your action center, and prompt them to lend their support by contacting a legislator, signing a petition, and more.

  • Pay-per-conversion pricing

    Don't pay for views or clicks. Only pay for the advocates who take action, and add them to your database automatically for future campaigns.

  • No bots, no spammers

    Address verification matches new advocates to their correct legislators, while fraud detection ensures that your new supporters are real people ready to take action.

Ready to see for yourself?

Who's using it

Selected Clients

American Medical Association
Tulsa regional chamber
Healthy Forest Health Communities
The Hawthorn Group
Save the Children

Ready to see for yourself?

Learn how Advocate Acquisition helps you amplify your current message while building a database for future endeavors.