Why Multinationals Use FiscalNote

Global Political Uncertainty

The global business landscape today is more complex and unpredictable than ever. By using one system of record to drive a public strategy, multinationals can more effectively align global teams around messaging, goals, and responses.

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Volume & Complexity

Public perception, legislation, and regulation can impact organization’s brand, mission, and bottom line. Analytics and workflow are key to sorting, analyzing, and prioritizing thousands of developments, people, and responses to key issues.

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Alignment and Collaboration

From the C-Suite to business development and corporate communications teams, the ability to stay abreast of external issues and collaborate on responses across the organization is the new imperative for global businesses.

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Digital Transformation

Technologies such as artificial intelligence and natural language processing have revolutionized strategy development. Modern systems turn issues management into a proactive, data-driven, ROI-focused operation.

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How FiscalNote Helps Multinationals

Collaboration & Knowledge Management

Collaborate and store internal and external information in one centralized location, and discover insights with ease. Learn More

Resource & Task Management

Connect actions to outcomes, evaluate the success of initiatives, and drive efficiencies within government affairs and across the organization.Learn More


From minimizing risk to generating opportunities, empower all levels of your organization with real-time information to make data-driven decisions.Learn More

How FiscalNote Helps You


“Getting a seat at the table” can be difficult to do. Gain visibility on how your teams and resources are being used to measure your impact and tie actions to outcomes.

Team Leaders

Your team is spread across the world in multiple offices speaking different languages. Encourage collaboration and align your teams to manage issues more effectively.

Individual Contributors

The volume and complexity of issues you manage has never been greater. Transform the way you identify, evaluate, and act upon policy risks and opportunities.

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White Paper: Global Government Affairs in the Spotlight

A recent Wall Street Journal article highlighted 2017 as the year of uncertainty for multinational CEOs. In this piece Michael D. Watkins, a professor of leadership and organizational change at IMD Business School in Switzerland, states “2017 is going to be more volatile and more complex than previous years.”

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