Why Large Organizations Use FiscalNote

Political Uncertainty

The business and policy landscapes today are more complex and unpredictable than ever. By using one system of record to drive a public strategy, large organizations can more effectively align their teams around messaging, goals, and responses.

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Network Building

Policy issues are constantly changing, meaning one stakeholder network can no longer suffice. The future of influence is having the ability to build and manage dynamic stakeholder networks that address the volume of your organization’s issues.

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Alignment and Collaboration

Responding to strategic issues requires input and support from multiple stakeholders and departments. Efficient knowledge sharing with internal and external stakeholders helps drive strategic outcomes.

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Actions to Outcomes

Misalignment and poor resourcing can result in an inability to accurately assess effectiveness in government affairs. Looking back at key data, events, and news can help large organizations connect actions and tactics to concrete results.

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How FiscalNote Helps Large Organizations


From minimizing risk to generating opportunities, empower all levels of your organization with real-time information to make data-driven decisions. Learn More

Collaboration & Knowledge Management

Collaborate and store internal and external information in one centralized location, and discover insights with ease.Learn More

Resource & Task Management

Connect actions to outcomes, evaluate the success of initiatives, and drive efficiencies within government affairs and across the organization.Learn More

How FiscalNote Helps You


Demonstrating effectiveness can be difficult to do. Gain visibility on how your teams and resources are being used to measure your impact and tie actions to outcomes.

Team Leaders

Your team is spread out in multiple locations. Encourage collaboration and align your teams to manage issues more effectively and proactively.

Individual Contributors

The volume and complexity of issues you manage has never been greater. Transform the way you identify, evaluate, and act upon policy risks and opportunities.

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White Paper: The Digital Transformation of Government Affairs

The best organizations are using technology to modernize the way they collect information and drive outcomes. This new reality is evolving how Government Relations, External Affairs, and Communications teams manage their strategic issues.

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