Find, understand, and adapt to regulations at every level.

Discovery & Monitoring

Our industry-leading discovery and alerting tools ensure you stay on top of the latest regulatory developments the moment they happen.

  • Easily build automatic discovery alerts that actively seek out and organize relevant documents
  • Send any regulation to a watchlist for easy tracking and automatic notification of status changes
  • Create precise, filtered searches on the fly, or save them to use later

Powerful State and Federal Regulatory Capability

FiscalNote’s GRM platform brings the once-impossible task of finding and monitoring regulations from 50 states and 300 federal agencies into the information age, and puts everything you need into a single, collaborative work environment.

  • Work with individual state regulations (not just entire registers) throughout the entire enactment process
  • Instantly discover and access supporting documents (notices, rules, additional information, etc.)
  • Simplify monitoring with searchable nicknames
  • Access full public comment information and advanced sentiment analysis
  • Filter searches and discovery alerts by agency
  • Find what you’re looking for faster with easy document navigation

Built-in Collaboration & Knowledge Management

When it comes to working with regulations, our GRM platform takes you beyond simple spreadsheets and confusing email chains, and gives your entire organization the knowledge management it needs to stay one step ahead.

  • Securely store notes, insights, and action plans for any regulation
  • Get live, searchable feedback and insight from colleagues via the internal discussions tool, and get notified when someone needs a response
  • Share state regulatory information, documents, and analytics with custom reports that can be viewed even if someone doesn’t have a FiscalNote account

Action & Response Management

Easily track team efforts like meetings, hearing attendance, comment submissions, calls/emails, and tie them to outcomes.

  • Associate actions with individual regulations, as well as state and federal legislation
  • Create new actions as they happen, or schedule future ones
  • Sync scheduled actions to your personal calendar for easy personal task management
  • Organize work and collaborate on issues by assigning actions to team members

Analytics & Reporting

  • Instantly assess public sentiment for any federal regulation, and display responses by state, support, or tone of language
  • Get instant, one-click reporting on your response efforts with the action summary
  • Export comment records to Excel or .CSV files