FiscalNote has built a high touch Client Success team because we know that personal relationships and shared expertise are critical in helping our clients realize their goals. From dedicated implementation to best practices and thought leadership, FiscalNote works closely with clients on an ongoing basis. Our professional services offerings include:

Workflow Optimization and Augmentation

The FiscalNote Professional Services team can help you manage your data through bill summaries, managed services, and supplemental data such as local ordinances and news alerts.

Reporting and Analysis

Our Professional Services team can integrate and analyze disparate data to produce reports and dashboards. You can share this information upwards and outwards through branded, stylized reports or through interactive, web-based dashboards.

Research and Insights

FiscalNote’s Professional Services team can perform custom research projects to address complex legal, regulatory, and political challenges. We leverage the FiscalNote platform and supplemental tools and apply an analytical lens to synthesize complicated information and distill findings into meaningful insights.

Professional Services Offerings

Legislator Scorecard

The Legislator Scorecard is a suite of dynamic reports that allows you to quickly assess alignment across key issue areas, with detail down to the specific vote for each legislator. You can easily compare legislators via tailored alignment scores that reflect your priorities. Expand your network by looking beyond your existing relationships and discover legislators with common objectives. Evaluate and inform resource allocation such as targeted outreach, grassroots efforts, PAC spending, lobbying spending, and more.

Procurement Opportunity Identification

Federal and state government procurement opportunities are a metaphorical needle in the haystack of the total bills introduced each year. To have the competitive edge, you need to be aware of these opportunities as soon as they become available. FiscalNote will help you identify procurement opportunities in legislation relevant to your business so that you can become involved well before the RFP and forecast government revenues.

Executive Summary Reporting

Executive Summary Reports allow your organization to report either upward to leadership or outwards to stakeholders. The report leverages FiscalNote's platform and data-driven approach to generate trend analysis and activity summaries while allowing for customization specific to your need. The report can be created on a one time ad hoc basis, or on a recurring basis.

Advocacy Map

An embedded Advocacy Map gives your organization the tools to engage your members or supporters through the web. You can embed FiscalNote’s Advocacy Map on any web page, so you can leverage your own website and information with your advocates. Managing which bills are made available on your website is easy. FiscalNote’s Advocacy Map is integrated with the FiscalNote platform so you don’t have to manage information in separate places.

Managed Services

Managed Services provides you with a dedicated FiscalNote consultant who will work with your team to sift through the vast array of legislation being introduced. We identify the relevant bills for your organization, freeing your team to focus on influencing legislation.

Local Services

Local Services give you the ability to build the local government affairs strategy you’ve been missing. Our team of municipal experts will help you figure out which issues and localities matter to you, and take care of the daily monitoring for you. With a combination of client-focused human expertise, and FiscalNote’s powerful technology, Local Service gives you crucial insight into relevant local affairs without any additional effort from you or your team.

Strategic Advisory Services

FiscalNote’s Strategic Advisory Services (SAS) offers clients senior level guidance and custom solutions on how to maximize the impact of their government affairs efforts across the enterprise, including internationally. The SAS practice leverages FiscalNote’s ground-breaking Government Relationship Management (GRM) software solution. Specific offerings include:

  • Customized government affairs strategies, including identification and vetting of high-value contract lobbyists and referrals through robust alliances with major law firms and trade associations
  • Stakeholder mapping outreach to international trade associations, chambers of commerce, NGOs, and other influential government and regulatory leaders
  • Strategic communications, public relations, and corporate social responsibility tactics to propel the agendas and narratives of client corporate leadership
  • Regulatory and targeted industry sector advocacy and analysis, including political risk assessments
  • Comprehensive investment and business development strategies