Get more from your government and policy efforts.

GRM quite literally reinvents the business of government affairs.

GRM, or “Government Relationship Management,” puts the most important aspects of modern government affairs — information discovery, tracking, network building, and response coordination — into a single, accessible working environment. Through insightful analytics and state of the art collaboration tools, GRM extends the opportunity for an entire enterprise to share knowledge and coordinate actions around government activity.

See what inspired GRM.

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Why hasn’t technology changed government relations the way it’s changed everything else — from sales, to manufacturing, to customer support?

At FiscalNote, we think that’s because today’s government affairs teams need something better than just digital versions of the tools they’ve always relied on — they need a fundamentally better way to master issues, build networks, and work with colleagues and stakeholders across the country, and around the world. That better way? We built it — and we call it GRM.


The powerful data ingestion capabilities of FiscalNote’s GRM platform are powered by Pillar, the world’s most advanced, reliable source of government data on the market today. You simply won’t find a better way to find the relevant legislative and regulatory data you depend on. That means with FiscalNote, you can:

  • Find any bill or regulation, state or federal, in seconds
  • Use custom discovery alerts to automatically find and receive alerts on new, relevant documents as they’re submitted
  • Move key documents to watchlists and receive alerts when the situation develops
  • Quickly search through related information like CRS reports, Dear Colleague Letters, public comments, and more
  • Access detailed, up-to-date records and analytics on every legislator
  • Everything you need to make better decisions in one place — committee hearings and information, legislator Tweets, bill co-sponsors, staffer contact information, vote history, and more
  • Securely manage critical corporate knowledge with built-in collaboration and note-taking features
  • Tap into this knowledge from anywhere with the FiscalNote mobile app


GRM gives you far more than raw data — built-in data analytics and analysis enables you to quickly sort through thousands of bills, legislators, and agencies to discover what matters, and what it means to you. FiscalNote’s built-in analytics allow you to:

  • Use legislator analytics to assess everything from effectiveness (overall, as a co-sponsor, and by issue) to relative ideology, to alignment with your priorities
  • Plan your response with likely outcomes for every bill, and even individual vote breakdowns via the virtual whipboard
  • Find similar bills (across states), similar legislators, and even compare differences between versions of federal bills
  • Assess public sentiment on federal regulation with detailed analysis of public comments that measures stance and tone of language


Government affairs work doesn’t end once you’ve found what you’re looking for. That’s why FiscalNote’s GRM connects data and analytics to a full suite of productivity and task management tools — so you can turn intelligence into results. FiscalNote makes it easy for your entire team to:

  • Securely store notes, receive alerts, and instantly document your efforts from anywhere — even your phone
  • Reach the right legislators and staffers with customizable mailing lists, and save them for later use or export them to your email client
  • Coordinate your response with assignable actions and live in-app group discussions
  • Assign bill and rule-related tasks to colleagues for easy coordination of resources and less duplicated effort


GRM is the first approach to government affairs designed to help you connect efforts to outcomes. That lets you double down on the tactics, methods, and connections that are getting results, and consistently communicate your impact and effectiveness with other groups inside your organization. With FiscalNote, ROI-minded executives can:

  • Create instant, customized reports on key bills with relevant analytics and insight
  • Instantly assess all relevant issues from a top-level dashboard
  • Prove the effectiveness of your team by easily connecting individual actions to legislative and regulatory outcomes
  • Export a variety of useful information from legislator analytics, to watchlists, to the public comment record for a federal regulation