Maximize your federal influence.

Inform your federal strategy with GRM, and know who to target, what to prioritize, and how to distribute resources.

Get the full context of issues making noise in D.C.

FiscalNote’s GRM system is populated with everything you need to understand federal issues, from CRS Reports to Dear Colleague Letters, to legislator social media activity.

Coordinate your team’s federal outreach and demonstrate your effectiveness.

FiscalNote helps even the busiest federal teams reduce duplicative efforts, manage contract resources, and share valuable, relevant policy information with other business functions in your organization.

Know legislators better than they know themselves.

What you don’t know about Congress will surprise you — FiscalNote’s comprehensive federal analytics can help you discover nuances in ideology and effectiveness backed by real data.

Organize corporate knowledge, and be ready for anything.

When issues return in future sessions, FiscalNote’s powerful GRM approach to knowledge management makes it easy to reference old research, observations, tactics, and mailing lists so you aren’t doing the same work twice.

Best-in-class federal data… and the tools you need to make it work for you.

FiscalNote gives federal professionals everything they need to stay ahead of tomorrow’s key issues.

    • Full legislative record 
    • Automatic search and tracking with discovery alerts and watchlists
    • Pre-floor and floor outlook scores for every bill
    • Individual voting predictions for every vote in each chamber
    • Bill text comparison
    • Similar bill discovery
    • CRS reports
    • Dear Colleague Letters
    • Committee transcripts
  • Full voting history and biographical information
  • Up-to-date staffer contact information
  • Ideology and effectiveness analytics
  • Regulations from over 300 federal agencies
  • Smart document organization
  • Full comment record
  • Advanced public sentiment analysis

Follow issues beyond Congress.

Policy often goes far beyond the limits of lawmakers. That’s why FiscalNote includes powerful tools for managing federal regulations — so you can build an end-to-end strategy for the issues that impact you.

  • Search through thousands of federal regulations with access to the same discovery alert and watchlist tools
  • Study new and existing rules easily with built in tools for navigating and sorting regulatory documents
  • Access the full public comment record
  • Assess how allies, competitors, and the general public feels about different rules with advanced sentiment analysis