Unmatched insight into the federal regulatory process

Effectively discover and monitor regulatory developments, mitigate risk, & drive desired regulatory outcomes as they transition from monitoring regulatory changes to influencing them.

Effectively discover and monitor regulatory developments

  • Monitor regulatory data including dockets, rules, notices, presidential documents, OIRA reviews, Public Inspection Desk, and public comment submissions
  • Search over 115 years of regulations from over 400 agencies and trace back to Authorizing Legislation through Public Law
  • Easily coordinate with other departments to assess a regulation and determine your stance

Gauge, defend against, or leverage public sentiment

  • Access every public comment published on Regulations.gov
  • Identify coalition partners and antagonists around issues by identifying relevant comments and filtering by support or opposition, and general theme
  • Collaborate with relevant internal and external stakeholders to gain input before submitting comments directly from FiscalNote’s platform


These are just a few of the organizations relying on FiscalNote for real-time regulatory insight.

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