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Navigating a World in Conflict: Key Global Policy Issues for 2024

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Risk and uncertainty remain a constant for organizations of all sizes in 2024.

With a focus on regulating numerous emerging technologies, rising conflicts in the Middle East, China, and Ukraine, and skyrocketing energy prices, the implications of many global conflicts are far-reaching. Given the constant flux of legislative, regulatory, market, and geopolitical dynamics, coupled with political turbulence and pressing challenges, the array of potential negative impacts an organization must monitor seems boundless.

As the only organization providing market intelligence, geopolitical, and policy analysis, FiscalNote is excited to bring you a crucial discussion on top policy issues around the globe to help you prepare for 2024.

Join our live webinar on Thursday, November 30, at 11 a.m. EST to hear from FiscalNote, Oxford Analytica, and FrontierView expert analysts on the key trends in global policy, geopolitics, and markets, as well as how you can mitigate risk and uncover opportunities for your organization. Topics covered will include AI regulation, energy security and hydrogen regulation, high-tech and raw materials regulation, global conflict, and beyond.

Experts will discuss:

  • The global issues and themes to monitor over the next six months

  • How to stay ahead of global issues and use them to your organization’s advantage

  • Leveraging technology to monitor risks and opportunities


  • Martina Bozadzhieva is the Chief Research Officer at FrontierView. She leads the global research team spanning APAC, EMEA, and Latin America, as well as the global healthcare research practice. She is responsible for shaping the company’s product agenda, client-facing work, and content innovation. Martina was previously at the US-Russia Business Council and the PBN Company. She holds an MA in Eurasian, Russian, and East European Studies from Georgetown University as well as a BSc in International Politics from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service.

  • Dr. Nick Redman is Oxford Analytica’s Director of Analysis and the Editor in Chief of the Oxford Analytica Daily Brief. He leads the firm’s team of analysts and oversees the global network of 1500 experts, delivering actionable insight and trusted judgements that allow governments and companies to succeed in complex global environments. Previously, Nick was the Director of Editorial at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), an independent non-partisan think tank focused on questions of international security and geopolitical risk. Nick holds a DPhil in International Relations from St Antony’s College, Oxford.

  • Lucas Machado is a Global Policy Analyst for FiscalNote Professional Services. Lucas holds a Master’s Degree in International Politics, is a former lecturer on diplomatic studies, and has experience in Brazilian foreign and environmental policy. As a Global Policy Analyst in FiscalNote’s Global Professional Services Team, he is responsible for the monitoring of AI policy in Latin America for some of the company’s biggest clients.

  • Daniel Pietikainen is a Global Policy Advisor at the FiscalNote Global Professional Services team in Brussels. He specializes in Latin American policy, covering developments in areas including financial regulation, technology, trade and AI for a wide variety of clients.

  • Moderated by Hagen Schlotzhauer, the Team Lead for FiscalNote’s Professional Services. Hagen has helped grow the global team to the position it is now in, covering policy developments in all continents with experts from around the globe. Combining his legal education at Leiden University, the Netherlands, with the multidisciplinary European Master's Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation, he focused the team to provide consistent, high-quality analysis across legislative systems, while providing flexibility for local differences.

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