Account Management

Our enterprise services and support programs ensure your success at every step along the way.

  • Hands-on implementation with our Account Management team to help you reach your desired objectives, establish key metrics for success, and advise you on best practices
  • Dedicated support staff available via phone, email, or in-app chat with 8-hour response times during business hours of 9am-5pm Eastern Time
  • Customized Trainings & Webinars are available upon requests for groups or individuals, in addition to regularly-scheduled training webinars

Privacy & Security

FiscalNote is the trusted solution of thousands of enterprises. This trust comes from rigorous safeguards we implement to protect and secure your data.

  • 256-bit encryption via SSL and authentication framework
  • Compliance certifications and adherence to widely accepted standards and regulations around information security
  • Service availability and uptime is 99.99%
  • Login settings include session expiration, authentication attempts limit, and 90-day password resets
  • Only authorized FiscalNote technical employees are allowed in the system and record logs are kept of their activities
  • Daily and weekly penetration scans are performed on all customer facing and internal systems. Annual external network penetration and web assessment tests are performed by a third-party
  • Critical system patches and updates are reviewed and applied on a daily basis
  • Customer-inputted data is private and protected under our platform-wide security and privacy measures
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) is supported through FiscalNote in collaboration with your IT team

User Management

Your team is spread across the country or the world in multiple offices and time zones, managing legislative, regulatory, or reputational issues. We’ve built a platform that encourages alignment and collaboration across the enterprise – with the right permission controls in place to give you the flexibility you need to scale.

  • Administer your licenses or groups’ access by configuring what they can view, edit, create, or delete.
  • Limit what geographies (states, countries) and data sets (legislative, regulatory) a group or a user has access to.
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Professional Services

Your needs are unique. FiscalNote Services augments your enterprise’s capacity to execute on your mission and to maximize value on the adoption of our platform. FiscalNote Services empowers enterprises by combining expert human capital and third-party technologies.

  • Consultative Policy Services
    Benefit from deep knowledge of the FiscalNote platform and access in-house experts and tools that provide curated bill and rule analysis; weekly status reports; legislative intelligence gathering; and more.
  • Local Government Analysis
    Receive information about legislative and social media activity in every major municipality across the country. Coverage includes close to 2,000 cities and counties with a population of 50,000 or more.
  • Customizable reports and dashboards
    Drive accountability and transparency throughout your organization by sharing tailored reports and embedding customized dashboards displaying information on your legislative, regulatory, and reputational issues.
  • Data Aggregation & Integration
    Leverage FiscalNote’s proprietary technology to ingest any document-based data such as Building Codes, extraterritorial policy documents, and more. All while seamlessly integrating this and other data to your CRM, KM, or ERP systems.