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How Southwest Airlines Uses FiscalNote to Stay in the Know on State Policy Issues

Southwest Airlines

This large, enterprise company relies on FiscalNote for their state tracking needs.

Founded in 1971, Southwest Airlines is the world’s largest low-cost airline. With 4,000 flights a day and over 59,000 employees, Southwest has seen global success and achieved international brand recognition. In order to stay on top of the industry, Southwest has a small but mighty team of state affairs advisors who track, monitor, and manage the policy issues that affect the company most. While it’s good business to track policy, Southwest cares about legislation that impacts more than just the bottom line. “Issues aren’t always airline focused, it’s about what is best for our people and our customers!” says, Dorothy Sauvinet, Governmental Affairs Advisor at Southwest.

"The timeliness of the FiscalNote Platform is amazing"

Dorothy Sauvinet, Governmental Affairs Advisor
Southwest Airlines

A Relationship Built on Trust

Southwest began working with the FiscalNote platform very early on in its inception. “We were with FiscalNote from the very beginning,” says Sauvinet. She and her team began to see the benefits right away. One recent example of that was a jet fuel tax increase introduced in Nebraska this year. She received an email alert from FiscalNote almost immediately, and contacted the company’s airport affairs team, who were blown away by how quickly she had found out about the bill. “We successfully defeated that bill because we were able to jump on top of it so quickly.” says Sauvinet. Sauvinet describes the life of a government affairs advisor as fast-paced. Her job involves a lot networking, research and travel. For Southwest, the FiscalNote platform has made it easy to quickly get the information that matters most, without having to dig through pages of fluff. Moreover, the app makes it simple to access information on the go, for travel days or during time spent away from the office.  As Sauvinet explains, "We love the alerts, and with a click of a button we can access the PDF of a bill and information on the bill sponsor."

"We love the alerts, and with a click of a button we can access the PDF of a bill and information on the bill sponsor."

Dorothy Sauvinet, Governmental Affairs Advisor
Southwest Airlines

Keeping Track of Stakeholders

In addition to never missing an important bill, Sauvinet uses FiscalNote to stay on top of who’s who in the state lawmaking process. “I rely on FiscalNote to access contact information for legislators, and learn about leadership and committee members.” says Sauvinet. "It's also great to be able to link to state websites.  Having all of this data in one place can be a real game changer when advocating for or against a bill."

Since partnering with FiscalNote, Southwest has grown from one user to five users so the entire team can reap the benefits of the platform. “As one of the first FN clients, it’s been neat to see the growth and improvement of the platform over the years. We rely heavily on this tool to stay on top of our issues day-to-day” says Sauvinet. “We’re big fans!”