Issue Monitoring

Stay informed and aligned on policy developments happening at the local, state, federal, and international level.

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Discover & Monitor

Connect legislative and regulatory actions at every level of government to the right person in your organization.

Intelligent Alerts

Industry-leading machine learning cuts through noise to provide timely, relevant updates on key issues.

Full Issue Lifecycle

Monitor developments from pre-bill activity, through committees, to final votes and regulatory implementation, all in one place.

Access Anywhere

GRM alerts go where you need them — email inbox, in-browser, or on a smartphone — at a cadence that works for you.

Dynamic Stakeholder Networks

Build more influential networks at scale with FiscalNote’s platform. Identify, evaluate, and engage with internal and external stakeholders.

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Identify Influencers

Identify relevant lawmakers based on their voting history and relationships with other elected officials.

Targeted Outreach

Engage stakeholders through targeted outreach to educate and elevate issue awareness.

Manage Relationships

Link the people and organizations who matter — from public figures to personal contacts — to the issues they impact.

Contact Information

Up-to-date contact information for legislators and regulators in one centralized and searchable location.

Collaboration & Knowledge Management

Collaborate and store internal and external information in one centralized location, and share insights with ease.

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Organizational Alignment

Synchronize key policy efforts, projects, relationships, and developments across all parts of the organization.

One Central Location

Single, collaborative work environment for managing legislative and regulatory developments, influencers, news, and key deadlines.

Single System of Record

Universal access to an authoritative information and data source for your government affairs operations.

Institutional Knowledge

Ensure internal knowledge and historical data remains at your organization regardless of staff changes.

Resource & Task Management

Connect actions to outcomes, evaluate the success of initiatives, and drive efficiencies within government affairs and across the organization.

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Work Smarter

Quantify and automate key processes including activity reports, meeting notes,  performance metrics, and stakeholder mapping.

Drive Operational Alignment

Coordinate messaging, talking points, key documents, and project tasks on issues and priorities for your organization.

Maximize Team Efficiency

Minimize duplication of effort and ensure team collaboration. Easily manage employees, consultants, and projects.

Coordinate Responses

Coordinate efforts and messaging from internal and external resources, regardless of geography or time zone.


From minimizing risk to generating opportunities, empower all levels of your organization with real-time information to make data-driven decisions.

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Demonstrate Value

Report personal and organizational accomplishments by linking actions to outcomes, and provide insight into successes and failures.

Identify Trends

Aggregate historical information to understand trends and anticipate change.


Leverage custom reports and pre-built dashboards for your team, organization, and leadership.

See the Big Picture

Combine public data with internal expertise to generate unique insights and make better decisions.

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Digital Issue Management

Legislative, regulatory, public relations, compliance — everyone has a role in managing key, public issues in the today’s environment. See how our platform can help organizations like yours revolutionize their issue management strategies.